martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Bob Dee With Petro - Bullets & Bandaids 2005 (AOR) USA,NY

Get ready to rock with New York City's premier rock band. With a sound reminiscent of Cheap Trick, Petro has developed a significant worldwide fan base, as well as selling CDs on major internet sites. The band consists of Bob Dee (singer/guitarist), Brian Bauers (bass), TJ Jordan (guitarist) and Scott Campbell (drums). Their tireless schedule and commitment to the music resonates well with fans.Petro's "Bullets and Bandaids" released on America's biggest hard rock label "PERRIS" records,Petro also featured in "bands on the rise"in "RELIX' magazine with "WE ARE STARS" as a free CD pullout.Bob Dee with Petro is also a charter member of "HorizonVUMusic", Paris, France with their new video"We Are Stars" featured.

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