jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Stratus - Throwing Shapes 1983/2008 (Melodic Rock/POMP) UK

Excellent, though Burrs vocals are an acquired taste, pre Praying Mantis (Tino and Chris Troy) melodic rock band, with pretensions to pomp. Then you might expect this since keyboards were an integral part of the Praying Mantis sound. "Throwing Shapes" was originally released in Japan but received a UK release in 1985 on Steel Trax. It has never officially been released on cd, but there is a bootleg "reborn classic"version recorded as a 2-1 with Iron Maidens "Soundhouse Tapes".
Time to redress the balance,methinks. Bernie Shaw (ex Grand Prix) would go on to join Uriah Heep and Alan Nelson, Mamas Boys.

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