viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Paul Hyde And The Payolas - Here's The World For Ya 1985 (AOR/Pop)

Despite their critical and commercial success however, execs at A &M were getting antsy for the break-out hit in the US which still seemed to elude them ... then there was the image issue. Though their 'look' seemed tailor-made for video, the name was causing a stir south of the border. The phrase for radio personnel accepting bribes to push certain artists had been dubbed 'taking payola'. Now known as Paul Hyde and The Payolas, they teamed up with mega-producer David Foster, whose common background of living on the BC Coast helped the chemistry. In an attempt to go back to their raw roots, Livingston's keyboards were replaced by Alex Boynton and his bass guitar.
In the spring of '85 HERE'S THE WORLD FOR YA came out. Three singles were released - the title track, "Stuck In The Rain" and "It Must Be Love". Also on the record was "It Wasn't You", which Rock & Hyde collaberated on with Foster, Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Unfortunately though, the record execs had lost faith in the band and they were released from the label. Outside projects ushered in the band's breakup later that year.

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