jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Hyde - St. 1986 (Hair Metal) US

Pure Sunset Strip Glam / Hair Metal originally released in 1986 , HYDE finally gets the cd treatment it deserves! During the mid-80s HYDE played all the major venues in Hollywood...The Whiskey , The Roxy , The Troubadour etc.. with the song WET SEX getting some significant airplay at the time. Unfortunately Hyde's success would prove to be short-lived and three of the members would join vocalist Robert Sykes (ex-LETCHEN GREY) in the equally short-lived JEKYLL , who subsequently released the 'Play Doctor' EP.
Letchen Grey , Jekyll , and Hyde's albums have now all been released by Retrospect Records.
Regrettably , Hyde's vocalist Pete Jerumanis passed away in 2003 but this release is a testament to his legacy and Pete should be remembered as an extremely talented vocalist / songwriter during the best decade of Rock & Roll.
HYDE is very highly recommended to all fans of 80s Glam / Hair Metal including bands like: London , Odin , Noize Toys , Tuff Luck , Motley Crue , Alleycat Scratch , Pretty Boy Floyd , Poison , Lickity Split etc...

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