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Heartless - Five Bullets In Your Heart (EP) (2011) Glam/Metal/Rock

Rob (vocals)
Simo (guitar)
Alfa (bass)
Ste (drums)
Heartless are a foursome hailing from Italy who deliver a rather mixed bag of goodies on their first EP “Five Bullets In Your Heart”. Their sound is part glam and punk while their not shy of straying into NWOBH territory or delivering 70’s styled instrumental jams (including a short drum solo on “Rock Roll Dirty Dream”).
Since the whole affair is self financed and self produced it leaves room for improvement in the sound department.
The bass for example is way too upfront in the mix with the drums and guitar taking second place. And with guitarist Simo obviously having a talent for some interesting plank spanking it would be a shame if their next effort is “blessed” with the same muddy and thin production.
Opening this EP is “Baby Maybe Someday” a straight forward and simple punk rocker. With “Heartless” we stay in punk rock territory although the beat of this track is far more unsteady untill all of a sudden it goes into an unexpected, almost “Remember Tomorrow” (Iron Maiden) like direction, before picking up the pace again.
“Stolen By Summer” sees the band going for the acoustic guitar and gives singer Rob the chance to actually sing instead of screaming his lungs out. The guys keep things all mellow and quiet on the intro to the following “The End Of Summer” which is completely instrumental and a fine showcase of Simo’s guitar talent. After the short intro the drums, electric guitar and bass kick in and the guys start rockin’ out again.
Bringing the disc to an end is another punk laced cut entitled “Rock N Roll Dirty Dream” that as mentioned earlier features a drum solo. Quite unusual and a bit out of place if you ask me as it really doesn’t add anything to the song.
Coming up with different styles on a record (whether it’s a demo or an actual album) sure makes for interesting listening but jumping too much from one extreme to another can confuse the listerener. So my advice is to go for one style and add one other flavour to make it more interesting. That and enough budget for a real producer to come up with a good sounding set of songs and these guys could have a shot at securing a place in the rock ’n roll scene.
Angeline - Disconnected (2011) Melodic Hard Rock

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