martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Fragile - The Album 198? (AOR/Pomp Rock) US

FRAGILE were one of many obscure US bands from the early 80s and getting the original vinyl release of their only album ‘Fragile, The album’ is almost impossible as only 500 copies were made and most of them were even giving away (!!!). A pity, because their only album is a definite classic in the AOR/Pomprockworld and should get a proper re-issue asap. Nevertheless, I got in touch with one of the original members, who informed me that the album was remastered just recently by his own brother and he (guitarist DEAN PALMER) was kind enough to sent me the remastered version on CD. Without a doubt, this is one of those typical early 80s records that should have been heard by many people, but in the end ended up staying in the local scene and only a few die-hard AOR collectors around the world got to hear this band. The 10 songs on this disc are really excellent. “Do you know” starts off a bit New Waveish actually, although one could also label it as heavy quirky Poprock a la SHANDI or SHANGHAI. Next track however shows the incredible strength of this band, because “Oh what a pity’ is a fantastic classic early 1980s semi AOR/Pomprockballad, with a very catchy chorus and some awesome shredding guitars, right up there with the big boys of the scene. In fact, it all starts to sound like SUGARCREEK during “Did you ever think”, yet with female vocals. Those vocals of JANE BRAY are very sensational by the way and remind me of KAREN LAWRENCE of 1994 fame. Also musically 1994 is a good comparison, especially when things are becoming quite heavy during the fast uptempo paced rocker “Only time will tell”. “To be so free” follows and is one of those lovely laid-back ballads that could only be created in the late 70s/early 80s, with some amazing guitarwork. Then we get to hear a CLASSIC AOR rocker “Stranger in love”, an unbelievable catchy uptempo tune with a superb chorus that should have made PAT BENATAR proud in her rock days. Big-time North American style Pomprock keys (a la TOUCH) open up the uptempo Melodic Rocker “What was meant to be”. Up next is “Who’s leaving”, a very Pomprock ish tune that has a lot of similarities to ROADMASTER, with a KANSAS violin type of break somewhere during the middle of the song. The last 2 songs are the only tracks that are just so-and-so, actually reminding of HEART’s slightly bluesier rocksound of the late 1970s/early 1980s.

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