martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Eklypce - Passion After Midnight 1989 (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

This actually is another (solo) album from Bob Wheeler , except that this time, he called his project EKLYPCE. There's no indication on who did what(but we found out), so I presume Bob did the most of the writing, playing, singing and producing on this obscure piece of vinyl. Musically, the same as on the BOB WHEELER lp from 1986, melodic hard rock into AOR with crunchy guitars and tons of keys. Comparable with his 86 release, the songs are maybe a bit better, but the problem stays or is the good man's voice...anyway, still recommendable for die hard AOR collectors. If you like his first release, will like this too.

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