martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Angeline - Disconected 2011 Melodic Hard Rock Sweden

Jocke Nilsson - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Janne Arkegren - Guitar
Uffe Nilsson - Bass
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums & percussion
Angeline's first album, Confessions, was better than 20 years in the making, and surprised and pleased the melodic rock world. Now they're back with their sophomore effort, Disconnected, building upon a sure foundation and cranking things up a notch or two. With little doubt this disc is a bit heavier, stronger, than its predecessor.
From the gate the album rocks. Angeline's strengths have always been their vocal harmonies, strong melodies and big hooks. These remain, but songs like When the Light Go Down, Falling Into You, Run Run Run, or Disconnected are kickin' tunes. A strong, cruising rhythm section bolsters these songs into the hard rock category. Yet as mentioned the melody and hook have not been overrun as the fine song I Had Enough demonstrates. Even Found and In Times Like These, two pseudo rock ballads, rock heavier than expected.
But there are songs closer to the AOR feel on the previous album. Notably Take a Little Time early on, but definitely with Solid Ground and If It's the Last Thing I do. Then the more assertive rock rises again to conclude the album on First Time Around and Way Down.
While Angeline ratchets up the rock on Disconnected, it's never disconnected from their profound sense of hook, melody and rich vocal harmony. Disconnected is a fine follow up to their exciting debut. Quite recommended.

Nightmare Master

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