sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Total Stranger - St 1989/1997 + Bonus (Melodic Rock /AOR) 320

What a fantastic CD! An overlooked gem, I'd call this one. I don't have this version - just the double CD with their 2nd album included, which was poor. Either way, this is killer melodic hard rock full of keys but still with plenty of balls. 'Paradise' and 'Can't Stop' are monster hook-filled melodic hard rockers, and on the softer side 'Shy away' and 'Nothin's Missin' are amazing ballads. My fave song, however, might be 'The Mask'. Awesome stuff, awesome disc. Who do they sound like, you ask? Hard to say. I'd take a stab at maybe prime Von Groove, except with more keys. Definitely recommended. geoff

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