miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Switchblade Scarlett - White Line Fever 2011 (Hard Rock)

..Ohio-based Hard Rockers SWITCHBLADE SCARLETT.
With a sound rooted in the 80s but a fresh take on mixing modern Melodic Hard Rock , Sleaze and even a little AOR - Switchblade Scarlett know how to write some powerful memorable hooks. Switchblade Scarlett's debut album is an impressive slice of Hard Rock that you would not be embarrassed to play at high volume cruising around town. From huge Melodic choruses in songs like Little Hearts and Dirty Girl to the killer ballad Red Clay to straight-up Sleazy Hard Rock like Saigon Lullaby and Big Apple Baby - this album is sure to please the dedicated Retrospect Records fans! Think Loveblast meets Freakshow meets Bad City with a little Dirty Penny thrown in for good measure. THIS is how mainstream Hard Rock SHOULD be! Check it out...

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