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Striker - St. 1978 (Classic Hard Rock) USA

"Striker", on Arista Records in 1978 & was produced by legendary "Arista Records" producer, Harry Maslin ( Bay City Rollers,Air Supply,The Hollywood Stars, etc....)....
It's really a shame that Clive Davis & Arista Records didnt get behind Stiker's album from day 1, cause there's not a weak song on the entire album & the album is filled with passionate vocals by Rick Randle & Scott Rosburg along with catchy hooks & melodies.
A flash of Rock n Roll lightning.....Major Northwest Breakout ::::sell-through at retail,,immediate re-orders,,# 1 seller in W. Seattle,,Tremendous immediate radio reaction....
Like a bolt out of the blue,Striker has arrived with electrifying impact.
Rippling with raw muscle,vocal power & skin tight musicianship, their debut album packs a high-voltage wallop.
Produced by Harry Maslin,it strikes a rare balance between finely - tuned songs & all - out clout.
"Striker". Storming onto the scene on Arista Records.
In 1978, Striker was the opening act for "Meat Loaf" on several shows & got several write-ups in the teen magazines of the day (16 magazine, Tiger Beat....)....
Striker consisted of ::::::
Rick Randle...Lead Vocals,,Keyboards,Guitars.
Scott Rosburg.....Lead Vocals,,Bass Guitar.
Rick Ramirez...Lead Guitars.
Rick Taylor....Drums.

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