lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Paul Cotton - Changing Horses 1990 (AOR/Lite AOR) USA

Rock guitarist Paul Cotton started the group Illinois Speed Press that released two albums on the Columbia label, then replaced Jim Messina in Poco in 1970. Cotton left Poco in the mid '80s. His 1990 solo debut Changing Horses is more rock and less country than most of Poco's music. Paul Cotton has been playing again with the '90s version of Poco.

Changing Horses includes a new version of his Poco hit "Heart of the Night," featuring Garth Hudson on accordion.

  1. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Chris Rea)
  2. I Walk The River (Paul Cotton)
  3. Tiger On The Lawn (Paul Cotton)
  4. Here In Paradise (Paul Cotton)
  5. One Long Last Look (Paul Cotton)
  6. Heart Of The Night (Paul Cotton)
  7. After All These Years (Paul Cotton)
  8. Jamaican High (Paul Cotton)
  9. High Water (Paul Cotton)
  10. From Across A Crowded Room (Jeff Steele)
  • Paul Cotton: vocals, guitar
  • Steve Lukather: guitars
  • Christopher Cross: background vocals
  • Rob Meurer: keyboards
  • Paul Brown: keyboards
  • Michael Landau: guitar
  • Buzz Feiten: guitar
  • Freddie Washington: bass
  • Gary Mallaber: drums
  • Paulinho da Costa: percussion
  • Mark Shark: guitar
  • Lenny Castro: percussion
  • Jeff Steele: basses
  • Sam Riney: sax
  • Joe Sublett: sax
  • Natasha Kapur: vocals
  • Portia Griffin: vocals
  • Garth Hudson: accordion
  • Roscoe Beck: bass
  • Bunny Hull: vocals
  • Paulette Brown: vocals

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