lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Marc Jordan - Cow (Conserve Our World) 1990 (AOR) USA

You might be asking yourself this question right about now: "Are these cows that I'm looking at?" And the answer I would give you is 'yes'! But neither one of them is the talented singer who performs the songs on this rare early 90's album. Marc Jordan is someone else my friend Deven recently told me about when he directed me to a Youtube video of his beautiful song "Edge Of The World". When he mentioned Marc Jordan, I told him I knew the name--even if I didn't recall it very well--but I was sure Marc had performed with a music band somewhere, sometime back in the 80's. When Deven was hoping to obtain a copy of the entire album from which "Edge Of The World" came from, I promptly uploaded 1990's "C.O.W. (Conserve Our World)" for him. Then I decided I was going to feature it here for all of my visitors to The Music Conflux! So if you're wondering about the cows, then, they have two representations here: the acronyms to this album's name as well as the underlying theme of conservation, which includes animals, nature and just all living things period--including human life itself. Love, which is the main subject that Marc sings about on this album, is the greatest preservation of life that there is, so it's fitting that he chose the title the way he did. Another beautiful song I have to make remarks about which also sounds along the lines of "Edge Of The World" is Track #8's "Can We Still Be Friends?" (this one will surely get stuck in your head). "Bridges In The Dark" is another favorite of mine; it opens with a lovely ambient beginning backed by a tribal drum beat (it sounds like the instrumental Combat #4 theme from the Heroes Of Might & Magic IV game soundtrack that I posted earlier this week) before gradually moving towards a hard rock n 'roll sound--complete with Marc's outstanding vocals singing the beautiful lyrics.

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