viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Madman Justice - Beautifully Drowned 1997 (Hard Rock/Southern Rock) USA

During the late eighties and nineties, Houston was a hot bed for great rock bands; King's X, Carolyn Wonderland, Galactic Cowboy's, Blue October and several others all making a splash nationally including Madman Justice’s CD Beautifully Drowned, was possibly the best of them all.
Originally released October 1997, the CD was on the verge of propelling the group to the next level, when band members decided to go different ways.
Five veterans of the Texas's music scene founded the band in Houston, Texas in 1988. At that time they were known as Storm. The name Madman Justice came about as a result of conflict with another group who had already released a CD under the same name. The Houston group had been around longer but elected to settle the dispute and use another name Midnight Circus when performing but only for a short time.
Re-releases Beautifully Drowned, from Houston based "Texas Alternative Blues Rock" band, Madman Justice.

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