martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

CHINAWITE - Blood On The Streets 7'' 1983 (Hard Rock) UK

CHINAWITE were a NWOBHM five piece from Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
Previously known as NO ESCAPE, following the arrival of new bassist Gary North, Chinawite was formed in early 1983.
The new band quickly recorded a session for local station Radio Hallam, and their "Blood On The Streets" single was then released through Future Earth Records.
In August of 1983 Chinawite contributed two tracks to the "Metal Prisoners", compilation album on Mausoleum Records, which in turn led to an album deal with the label.
The resultant album, recorded at Vibrasound Studios, Sheffield in July 1984 with engineer Kevin Maloney, was titled "Run For Cover".
The ten song album showed the band move in a far more melodic direction than previous recordings, but Chinawite failed to find much of an audience for their more polished sound.
The band issued no further recordings and split in early 1985.

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