martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

The Rock Tigers - Come On Let's Go 2003 (Classic Rock) Korea

Like the Leningrad Cowboys just ridiculous, but the right to telling the Rock and Roll was born a band geek. Skills in other bands from around Hongdae to wipe their own ohdeon six-member rock band created by members Sign roktayigeoseuda. Hop on a Harley Davis, both members of motorcycle jackets on the photos, Elvis Presley and the Beatles' earliest first 'rocker' image of black leather, like benchmarking phase and the oil-painted eye-catching hairstyle. Sound according to the tradition's style retro '50 '80 rock and roll plus LA's metal, and the twist is the twist style.
Performance as soon as they saw one of passion as a fan club to arrange for keuraingneot [drug] was on the stand. Opening track 'to rock climbing burns like a jet engine kill runners called' Leather Bike Jacket Boy '. Rough guitar riffs and retro-key concert heulreonaonda two. The second song, 'Come On Let's Go' also met with an authentic rock 'n' roll and modern light gokyimyeo, "Hurricane Fighter 'song named later in the fastest, most rugged tracks solo Kata spouts fire. 'Summertime he was "the only female member, velvet, or a sexy story is impressive. Keuraingneot followed by a [drug] ten thousand and one representative of the rock 'n roll band to have meals.

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