sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

National Dust - The Road Is My Home 2006 (Southern Rock) USA

"NATIONAL DUST slam hard like Hell's Angels with Les Pauls. The group's thick-as-a-brick mix of balls-to-the-wall guitar riffs and southern rock sensibility support impassioned vocals about the American experience. With a smattering of Seventies blues-rock that explodes like testosterone on steroids, NATIONAL DUST create an intense musical event full of guts and soul."
"...NATIONAL DUST provides the real deal to those who want to hear tough hard rock. And they make no apologies about it. Devoid of any hackneyed Hollywood narcissism or glam-like leaning. NATIONAL DUST are a refreshing, no nonsense, steak and potatoes group with a musical vision and perspective that is honest and tough edged."

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