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Forger - She's A Liar 7'' 1985 (Hard Rock) UK

FORGER were a four piece NWOBHM band formed in Oxfordshire in 1983.
They recorded a three song demo in 1984, but it failed to drum up too much interest or bag them a record deal.
Undeterred, 1985 saw the band release the "She's A Liar" 7" on their own Forger label.
By the time of the record's release, the band had incorporated more Hard Rock and Glam Rock influences into their sound, but were still pretty Heavy nonetheless.
Forger's image was a definite drawback however, whilst they were probably aiming to look like a cross between TWISTED SISTER and MOTLEY CRUE, the single's picture sleeve shows them pouting like crossdressing bricklayers.
The members of the band had also adopted daft pseudonyms by this time, like "Steve Animal" and "Ringo Styxx".
No, really.
Anyway, the single was to be Forger's only official release as the band folded soon after the record's release.

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