miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Escape - II (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal) Germnay

Thanks for showing this cover here.This can be a very mysterious album by 2 reasons.One is : it really exists.The other is : That Metal Enterprises still existed until 1995.I have never ever seen this CD and I really do not believe I can see it with my eyes in future.Someone who has this CD,please say "this is not that good" as if someone says "it's great",I have to pain in my...The name of the band was same.The label was same.But maybe this was almost the different band to the 1st one as 4/5 members were changed. I have to dig the demo tapes that they did before the 1st album to check they did some of songs from those early tapes onto this 2nd CD.(japanega)
SORRY THIS CD HAVE JUMPING,who will be well appreciated !

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