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Dreams - St 2011 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

Formed in the fall of 1985 in Palos Hills, IL, Dreams started performing high-energy rock ‘n’ roll in the northern Illinois area in early 1986. Originally based out of Chicago’s southwest suburbs, the band members began perfecting their musical skills and style by covering popular top-40 songs at local high school and college performance.....
(from http://www.dreams-band.com/)

Paul Smith (guitar)
Todd Loizo (keyboards)
Linas Kastys (lead vocals)
John Oskorep (bass & acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
Dave Batastini (drums, backing vocals)

Originally written and recorded in 1989 ±

01. Drive You Crazy
02. The Fear Of Being Alone
03. (Does It Feel) Like You Want It To
04. Do You Feel For Me
05. Livin' In Another World
06. Feels Like I'm In Love
07. Run
08. Always There For You
09. Coming Down On Me
10. Something I Need
11. Lovin' You Ain't Enough
12. Livin' In Another World (Original Version)

THANK U!! SnoWmann

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