domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Cherry Lips - St 2009 (Hard Rock)

Cherry Lips is an all female pop rock band, These ladies came up with the idea to form an all female band influenced by classic rock like Aerosmith, AC/DC, The Beatles, and The Who, while they were still in high school. Since March 2008 the band has been playing all over Italy (including a prestigious appearance at the famous Thunder Road) and getting enthusiastic reviews in the specialized press and webmagazines. During the summer they won the IndieTime competition, which meant playing with The FutureHeads on their only tour appearance in Italy.At the same time the band produced their first videoclip, “Mean, hot and nasty” which was immediately taken up by Rock TV, MusicBox, TeleNordEst, GetRocked, UnoTv, SulPalcoTv and TelevisioNet, and will soon be played on Yahoo! Musics prestigious on-demand international channel. For fans of JOAN JETT and AC/DC.

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