lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Brother Cane - St 1993 (Southern Hard Rock) USA

Fantastic southern hard-rock here. If the Black Crowes concentrated more on rocking out, instead of trying so hard to distance themselves from the music of the day and showing how "rootsy" and "eclectic" they were, they might approach what Brother Cane has on their debut. The music is laced with piano, organ and harmonica, but not overly much; the vocals are soulful, and the lyrics are well-written and fairly advanced ("Pressure" and 'That Don't Satisfy Me" are basically about wanting to get laid, but are done in a classy, somewhat circumspect way). My favorites would be "The Last Time, " the faintly gospel-tinged "How Long," "Woman," "Satisfy" (nice addition of some boogie-woogie piano), and of course, the flat-out ass-kicking harp-freakout "Got No Shame." (reilly)

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