jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Blind Date - St 1980 (Pomp Rock/AOR) USA

Songs of Note: Boys will be Boys, Twin Engines, Trouble Maker
What is the first impression for this Blind Date? A green, bald alien talking on a telephone with what I assume is an Avatar fan. I am intrigued.
What about the band? With awesome names like Dane Bramage, Arnie Badde, Brad Billion, and Pinky Chablis, stardom is foregone conclusion. Blind Date has a lot going for it before I even start listening. Alas, they never made another album.
The album starts with Boys will be Boys, a Cheap Trick style rocker, that seems to be referencing solo love. The music stays in this sonic range, with a sound I would compare to Sloan. The song's subjects are not complex, boy meets girl, boy declare loves for girl, girl needs to decide what to do with boy. Fairly cliche, but performed with energy. The one exception is the instrumental track, Twin Engines. The boy-girl stuff is left behind and the band just rocks it out.
It's a shame the band did not carry on after this initial release. The foundation laid down on their debut is certainly a solid one. They could have moved into harder rocking territory or even become a softer Def Leppard. The subject matter of the songs would have to become more diverse but overall a good effort.(http://theqsmedia.blogspot.)

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