sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

Ziggy - Hot Lips 1988 (HardRock) Japon

1988.'s Unique heavy rock numbers began in the forest, peremptory, like 1st "sing like English to Japanese" vocal style is eye-catching. I can not hear the lyrics that much, no matter . This style also did not think, however, felt to represent such a clear view of the world, for the lyrics but also the thing that aim. It also said it was made just to say that there is one phrase. This At the time of his death is "a rock term" embedded in a word, like a puzzle that is the enumeration of thought.
They are special, "do not do it hard", etc. All in the "cool thing to do only shown in" sound could be a loose and sloppy, and even their simple and clear principles that. A glamorous fashion, they say that music was as well a symbol and matches. In terms of looks, actually quite "cool" is the band.
Vokaru_Sensu was away, and the Japanese voice of forest growth stimulus location. Rokkun_Roru roots of his "style" or "spirit" and good for everyone, as well as 口Zusameru embodying wrote the melody.'s singing ability and his gruff voice attractive in pursuit of it was the greatest rock world, and brackets. The melody also said many of the Japanese rock songs are nostalgic, bittersweet, we The cry seemed to be everywhere and phrases mentioned money. They were attractive, scarce Rokkun_Roru_Bando four personality that embodies the outstanding vocalist and songwriter, takes say that.

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