jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Mr. Mister - Go On 1990 (AOR) 320@

Go on..was the Misters third and final commercial release and one with a more stripped down and mature sound than the intense Welcome To The Real World. Maybe the world wasn't quite ready for them to change so quickly having just reached their commercial height, or the more thoughtful style was too out of step with the hair metal pap that so dominated 1987, but whatever caused its lack of success it wasn't due to the album. The song writing is exemplary, the vocals better than ever, the variety much improved over the previous albums and the production left enough room for Steve Farris to really show people how he can play the guitar!
I would urge anyone that has an ounce of musicality and an interest in what GOOD AOR can sound like to purchase this album. The sad fact is that this shouldn't have been the last album. Although Steve Farris left before the tour, and was replaced by Buzz Feiten, the Misters actually recorded a fourth album "Pull" which can be found floating in the grey areas of cyberspace. It really is worth a download if you can find it. Many have claimed it was too experimental but only one track, "Buddy" really falls into that category. The remainder was stunning. "Waiting In My Dreams" can be found on "The Best Of..." but "Close Your Eyes" and "Wait A Lifetime" could easily have replicated the success of "Kyrie". It also features Trevor Rabin of Yes on some tracks, giving it a sound not disimilar to "Talk" by that band.(Taylor)
Thank U Camelblue!

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  1. Thank you so much. Hard to find in HQ. This album is a true gem.