martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Geisha - No Second Prize 2007 (AOR/Pop/Rock) Australia

Geisha are an Australian pop rock band. They were formed in 1983 as Geisha Detail, composed of Chris Doheny, Ken Shepard, John Nyman, Donoghue Doheny and Peter Robertson. They changed their name to Geisha and signed with EMI. The released their debut album In 1985 they released a serious of singles that sold well in Melbourne (with "Kabuki" reaching #20 on the Melbourne charts) followed by their debut self titled album.[1] In 1986 they rereleased an earlier single followed by "Part Time Love Affair" which reached #3 on the Melbourne charts and by the end of the year were operating as a three piece with Chris Doheny, Shepard and Brett Luton..MORE

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