sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

Della Street - Face 1989 (Melodic Rock) USA

Well these days, it doesn't happen too often that I'm blown away by a band on a first listening. But todays different. Today! my flesh adorns the living room walls as Della Street, with all their melodic glory, burst my aor hear and beat me (with a pink silk glove of course) into submission. Sublime melodic aor is the name of the game here, pomp even. Think Boston...think Styx...think Canuck aorsters Sheriff! Who is this guy Marshall Nelson? (a friend of Robert Plant, methinks) He sings the songs, spanks the plank and writes all the tunes too.
Truthfully folks, this is a cracking album with trademark Boston three part vocal harmonies, slight Styx pomp progressive overtones and Sheriff-like aor sensibilities.
A little more research tells us that Della Street were a New Mexico Band, formed way back in 1986, who went onto share the stage with some classic bands like Kansas, Reo Speedwagon and Molly Hatchet.An indie CLASSIC!.(aor-fm)

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