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FM - Bad Luck 5'' "Single" 1989 (Melodic Rock/AOR) UK 320@

01 – Bad Luck (album version)
02 – Hurt Is Where The Heart Is (non album track)
03 – This Could Be The Last Time (non album track)
04 – Bad Luck (Extended Long Version)

Steve Overland: lead vocals, guitar/Chris Overland: guitars/Merv Goldsworthy: bass, vocals/Didge Digital: keyboards/Pete Jupp: drums, vocals


Tough Trade - Sweet Talkin' 7'' "Single" (Melodic Rock/AOR) Sweden

Great Rarity!!.Thank U Aornufc.

Late for the Sky - Letting Go 2007 (Alter Rock)

Here is a band for the Kissmar blogspot. Band is Late for the Sky, CD is 'In Plain Sight'. Released 2007.
Style is modern hard rock fused with elements of 80's Van Halen/Ozzy/KISS.
Download @ 320 at:(Roger B.)
Thank U Roger !!

The Kite - St 1991 (AOR/Hi Tech/Westcoast)

Straddling the fence between a hi-tech melodic rock style, versus a progressive rock style. The Kite combine both, appeasing fans who have a foot in either camp. They come off sounding like a more commercial version of World Trade combined with a band like Eight Seconds, with intricate arrangements and tight musicianship to the fore. From the Toronto area, The Kite have been taken in under the direction of Terry Brown, the man who spent many years working with Rush. Together they have created a lush environment and soundscape for the band to operate in. Most of the songs hover in that four to five minute category, so there are no overly long tracks that you'd expect to find on a Yes album for instance. More Info

Flesh - St 1994 (Hard Rock) USA 320@

Like Extreme, why not listen to thier little brothers. Better yet, get your hands on the demos of Atunga, the even littler brothers of Extreme, and have a funky rock party.

Midnight Cowboys - Taste Of Oblivion "EP" (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Info Here!

Spike - The Price Of Pleasure 1983 (Hard Rock) USA

Formed in Cincinnati Ohio, Spike was the first band of dazzling guitarist David T. Chastain. They made their recording debut in 1981 with the single "Leah" in accordance with another 45rpm, "Just Want Your Money" the following year. In 1983 the band released their only LP "The Price of Pleasure". The album features the brilliant guitar of David T. Chastain and Mike Skimmerhorn powerful voice accompanied by the rhythm section of drummer Les Sharp and bassist Denny Kuller that give the necessary strength to the disc. Spike lasted a short period of time. The band split in the fall of 1984 when David CJSS and Chastain formed two side projects Heavy Metal, with different characteristics.

The Angels - Beyond Salvation (Hard Rock) Austarlia 320@

This is Angel City about 9 years after "Face to Face" and their sound has matured, even if the lyrics have gone a little backwards. Still, if you like hard edged rock, this is a must from one of Australia's best ever. (bruce)

The Angels - Night Attack 1981 (Rock) Australia

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Slak Alice - She's Bad 2007 (Hard Rock)


Merlin - You're All That I Need + 1 (AOR) USA


Fallen Silver - 2007 - Blood In Blue Eyes (Melodic Metal)

Faithful Breath - 1981 - Rock Lions (Hard Rock)

Fatal Force - 2006 - Fatal Force (Melodic Metal / Rock)

H.S.A.S - 1984 - Though The Fire (Hard Rock)

H.E.A.T. - 2008 - H.E.A.T (Melodic Hard Rock)

Mr. Mister - Go On 1990 (AOR) 320@

Go on..was the Misters third and final commercial release and one with a more stripped down and mature sound than the intense Welcome To The Real World. Maybe the world wasn't quite ready for them to change so quickly having just reached their commercial height, or the more thoughtful style was too out of step with the hair metal pap that so dominated 1987, but whatever caused its lack of success it wasn't due to the album. The song writing is exemplary, the vocals better than ever, the variety much improved over the previous albums and the production left enough room for Steve Farris to really show people how he can play the guitar!
I would urge anyone that has an ounce of musicality and an interest in what GOOD AOR can sound like to purchase this album. The sad fact is that this shouldn't have been the last album. Although Steve Farris left before the tour, and was replaced by Buzz Feiten, the Misters actually recorded a fourth album "Pull" which can be found floating in the grey areas of cyberspace. It really is worth a download if you can find it. Many have claimed it was too experimental but only one track, "Buddy" really falls into that category. The remainder was stunning. "Waiting In My Dreams" can be found on "The Best Of..." but "Close Your Eyes" and "Wait A Lifetime" could easily have replicated the success of "Kyrie". It also features Trevor Rabin of Yes on some tracks, giving it a sound not disimilar to "Talk" by that band.(Taylor)
Thank U Camelblue!

Flashbacksliders - Let's Go Rockin' Tonight 1990 (Classic/Melodic Hard Rock) Finland

A fair amount of information about this band can be found by searching the web and is likely quite helpful... if you can read Finnish (I can not). All I could glean is that Albert Jävinen, a member for decades of a legendary Finnish rock band, The Hurriganes (1973-2009); collaborated with the band known as Backsliders which released several albums of their own between 1985-1994, and called themselves Flashbacksliders for this release as it consists of covers of classic songs by The Hurriganes. This would certainly explain the classic rock feeling meshed with a straightforward hard rock style. All I can say for sure is it is from Finland, fairly hard to come by, and a lot of fun to listen to.

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Faith Nation - 1999 - Ordinary People (Hard Rock)

Faith Nation - 1997 - Faith Nation (CCM Hard Rock)

Faro - 2003 - Dawn Of Forever (Hard Rock)

Faro - 2006 - Angelost (Hard Rock)

Fake I.D.- 1997 - Dreaming Ezekiel (Aor)

Heaven - Rock Me Gently "Single" 2006 (AOR) Spain


Issa - Sign of Angels 2010 (Melodic Rock) Noruega

La Trampa - Bailando Rock & Roll (AOR) Spain 320@

Gracias Darksneider

Star Star - Go Go Girls In Love 1988 (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Johnnie and Weeds return to New York City from L.A. having parted ways with original guitarist Mickey Mess and drummer Chris Madl. There had been an ugly fallout between the band and singer Carol Marrujo a few months earlier. (Yes, Star star originally had a girl singing. They recorded three songs and played in L.A. for a year or so with Carol.)
Guitarist Kane Dailey joined the band just as the recording of "Go Go Girls" was ending. He only got to do three tracks however being that Johnnie had already done the guitars on the album. Johnnie still says that Kane is the best guitar player he has ever played with. Darcy Drash was the drummer on "Go Go Girls". Deon joined Star Star after the recording of the album. Former guitarist Mickey Mess plays rhythm guitar on six of the songs and former drummer Chris Madl also appears on two tracks.

The Name - Dangerous Times 1988 (New Wave/Psych Rock) UK,320@

Rondinelli - Our Cross 2002 (Hard Rock/Metal) USA,320@

Featuring Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Teddy Rondinelli (Felix Papalardi), Neil Murray (Black Sabbath, Whitesnake) & Bobby Rondinelli (Blue Oyster Cult, Quiet Riot, Rainbow).

Biloxi - Right The Music 2003 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

"Like thunder and lightning, goddamn it?s so exciting,it hits you like a hammer,goddamn" were the words Phil Lynott sang for us in 83 and more suitable words I just can?t find than for Biloxi?s new album "Right the music"! This year?s best AOR album in my point of view,in 93 their debut "Let the games begin" took me ny storm with a heavier approach of Pomp/Aor of bands like Prophet, Styx and Fortune. And now you ask yourselves if there are any killers like "Run for your life","Angel" and "Magic" from the debut on the new album?!....well,don?t worry! Biloxi serves huge sounding AOR exactly the way I hoped and wished for..MORE!

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Junkyard - 2008 - Put It On Ten And Pull The Knob Off! (Hard Rock)!.rar

Adrenalin - 2002 - 25 Years 1977-2002 (AOR)

Union - 1999 - Live In The Galaxy (Hard Rock)

Union - 2000 - The Blue Room (Hard Rock)

Union - 1998 - Union (Hard Rock)

Hush - If You Smile (AOR)

Fahrenheit - 2006 - Nuevos Tiempos (Hard Rock)

Fahrenheit - 2004 - Chain Reaction (Hard Rock)

Fahrenheit - 1989 - Talking Bout Love (AOR)

Face Face - 2006 - Bridge To Nowhere (AOR)

Face Face - 1994 - Childhood Dreams (AOR)