miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Rox Sedan - Better off Dead “Single” 1984 (Hard Rock) Northern Indiana


ROX SEDAN from Northern Indiana were yet another quality act! Their demo tape proved that they could rock with the best of the Cali bands back then (Dokken, Ratt, Motley Crue etc.)

Passion – Loaded Gun 1994 (Hard Rock) USA

Eden - Fan The Flame 2003 (Hard Rock) USA

Excellent CD with a throwback sound to the glory days of Ratt, Whitecross and Dokken. Whitecross guitarist Rex Carroll performs much of the guitar work on this CD, although he is only credited as a "guest artist". I'd be curious to know if Joe Dokken is the singer's real name or just a band name. Regardless, this is a pretty solid slab of classic hard rock.(scott)

Scream In Eden - Original Sin 2008 (Hard Rock) USA

This release is in the vein of Tesla / Babylon AD [debut] and Dokken. The album was briefly available as a minor pressing on the CCM market a few years ago and features Rex Carrol of White Cross. Most will agree that when hearing the album it does not portray its CCM origins and it is now released to the mainstream rock market repackaged and remastered to do the album justice.Vocal Joe Dokken

Maxxwell - All In 2011 (Hard Rock) Switzerland

Another fine rock band from Switzerland, delivering one of the best albums of the year so far. Kick ass rock'n roll similar to early SHAKRA!!

Maxxwell - Dogz On Dope 2009 (Hard Rock) Switzerland

Radio Silence - Who's Skin Are You Under Now 2009 [AOR] UK

Thomas Vikstrom - If I Could Fly 1993 (Lite Aor)

1. If I Could Fly 2. Images Dancing 3. Two Worlds Apart 4. King For A Day 5. Love To Watch You Move 6. Into The Fire 7. Still Care For You 8. Forever And Ever 9. Love Touch 10. Better Than Better 11. Love And Emotion 12. I Wanna Be With You 13. Still Care For You Instrumental


Shelter - First Stop 1983 (Aor)

En la voz Joe Lamente ex Steeplachase,muy similar a Survivor. Excelente Cd de AOR!!.

martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Lovers Lane - St. 1989 (Hard Rock) USA

For those interested in this band, they released a 6 track cassette only back in 1989. On that one, you'll hear more of an 80's sound..(delbert)

Lovers Lane - Chiseled In Stone 1994 (Hard Rock) USA

This singer's vocals do remind of Klaus Lessmann, with maybe a little Vince Neil throw in- esp. during the verses of track #2, "Hollywood." Stylewise, I hear a bit more of a Hollywood glam vibe, maybe mixed with some southern bluesy influences, but regardless of which direction the band was aiming for, they squarely hit the mark with HUGE hooks, catchy riffs and minimal filler- not an inconsequential feat given the length of the album.(jstoyz)

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Buster Brown - Sign of Victory 1985 (Melodic Metal/Glam) USA

Sign Of Victory is the second album of the glam metal band Buster Brown. It is the only Buster Brown album to feature drummer James Kottak.

After this album, singer Johnny Edwards and drummer James Kottak were recruited by guitarist Ronnie Montrose into his band Montrose. They played on Montrose's Mean album.

The song "Dirty Girl" resembles the Sweet Savage song "Straight Through The Heart" and, to a lesser extent, the Dio song "Caught In The Middle". The song "Monkey Bars" is a cover of the song originally done by Canadian rock band Coney Hatch.

Ted Neiland - One 1993 (AOR) USA

All we know Ted Neiland (Keyboards/vocals) ex member The Machine Check.

..its sound with ingredients Pop touch Hi Tech.Very interesting!!.

I have no cover, the image corresponds to his former band ... which is Ted??

Sven Larsson - Sunlight And Shadow 2010 (Westcoast AOR)Suecia

Sven Larsson is best known for his work on the albums of the Swedish Westcoast AORsters Street Talk. His solo debut “Sunlight And Shadow” is an album of excellent musicianship and well written rock songs, with a fine sense for melodies and harmonies.

Silver Shadow - St. 1982 (Melodic Rock AOR) USA

Another early 80's very rare AOR nugget unearthed and issued on CD for the first time ever by Retrospect!! Originally released in 1982 as a VERY limited edition picture disc on a tiny fledgling label, Silver Shadow were an extremely talented female fronted Melodic Rock / AOR band from Southern California. Complete with rockin' guitars and tasty solo's, pompy keyboards and all around top notch musicianship along with killer catchy songs -- this 4 song EP (sadly, the only original songs they ever recorded), will have you begging for more and wondering why they weren't huge in 1982!!
Digitally remastered.

Brent Lamb - One Man 1986 (CCM AOR) USA

John Warren - Take Me Back 1988 + Private Motion 1989 (AOR/Hi Tech)"Jap Release" USA

Another great AOR mini-album made by John Warren with Hi-Tech Pop influences, a good example is the entitled "Take Me Back". "The Love Beat" this song reminded of "Silent Running"(Mike & The Mechanix) a lot). "Into the Night" catchy song, nice tune and good solo(Harmonica and Guitar) with a pomp feeling on the chorus. "Carry On" my favorite AOR song here!. "I'll Do Anything for You" a semi-ballad , what a voice! similar to Steve Overland. "Tell me Now" great uptempo song that finishes the album in an excellent way. Super-Recommended.(juan carlos)

C'Vello - St. 1992 (AOR/Hi-Tech) USA

Hi-Tech AOR/Pop.The album itself has almost identical sound to Drama-Escapades album, or The Next.Sometimes it sounds too poppy like NKOTB.But it has it's moments.There are a few hi-tech AOR tunes in Joe Pasquale vein. "Youth" is brilliant, believe me. Great, young vocals,nice melodies, catchy refrain totally in BLVD vein."Lipstick" has got a lot of guitars in it and it sounds like norwegian DRAMA or Creation.One serious filler- "The jam is cold".All in all, good album if you like mentioned bands or R.Nevile.(P.Poland)

sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Broken Wings - Highway 1998 (Hard Rock) Germany

Very rare EP release, sounds like Poison, Mötley Crue with Bon Jovi twist!..Thilo Hermann Backing Vocals (Running Wild)

Exclusive!! Kissmar...

Jani Lane To Be Memorialized by Great White, Quiet Riot, L.A. Guns + More

Late rocker Jani Lane, who was found dead in a hotel room at the age of 47 on Aug. 11, will be memorialized at a tribute concert in Hollywood, Calif., on Aug. 29. Great White, Quiet Riot and L.A. Guns are among the acts that will perform in honor of the former Warrant singer.

Lane’s body was discovered in a Comfort Inn hotel room in Woodland Hills, Calif., reportedly along with a half-empty bottle of vodka and a number of prescription pills. An autopsy proved to be inconclusive, and it will take several weeks before toxicology reports come back.

Lane’s last known interview, an appearance on VH1 Classic’s ‘That Metal Show,’ will be broadcast Aug. 27. See our interview with the program’s host, Eddie Trunk, in which he talks about Lane’s appearance. (www.marshallofrock.com)

Nine Below Zero - Hot Music for a Cold Night 1990 (Rock/Blues) USA/UK

Dennis Greaves ex The Trust check Here!.Nine Below Zero started life in South London during 1977, in the mdest of the punk rock boom in England, but their sound and inspiration were so totally counterintuitive to what was going on in punk rock that they scarcely seemed to be part of that movement..soon joined by Mark Feltham on vocals and harmonica were schoolmates and friends who shared a love of blues; all had all come into the world in the early '60s, and might well have resigned themselves to having missed the boat for the British blues revival by virtue of having been born in the midst of it.

Burn Love & Thieves in the Night (are 2 songs of their formation The Trust never published,belong to the movie Ski School),compare the songs mentioned whit The Trust Here --> Thieves in the Night & Burn Love <--Listen! Excellent versions!.


Lust - St "EP" 1985 (Melodic Metal) USA,Nashville

Mike Easlo Bass/John Ulinger Drums/Kurt Menck Guitars/Ken Kennedy Guitars/Kevin Bush Vocals.


Diana DeWitt With Hippie Gypsys - St 2002 (AOR/Rock)

Info Here!.

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Danny Wilde - Self Title 1989 (AOR) USA

Brilliant album by the man behind the Rembrandts. Great breezy AOR with killer tunes and lyrics. The Stuff That Dreams are Made of kicks it off in fine style and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The choruses and harmonies are cool...not overly layered but just right. Cut From Stone is my fave track but in a dark alley at midnight Vlevet Chains sometimes beats it. Another must have album. (nick)

Gilgamesj - Harder Than a Millstone 1991 (Melodic Hard Rock)

Info Here

Harmzway - Never Too Old "Demo Single" 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock

Sound Poor.Very Good Single/song.Looking for more of this band.

Lex Rex - Beat the Heat 1990 (CCM Hard Rock) USA

Info Here.