sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Freefall - St 1995 (AOR) USA

It's pure AOR.. These guys are from the land of TLC/Harpo/Prowler and I used to go see them play on weekends all the time. They sound much better than they do on the cd which suffers from so-so production. The opening track reminds me of Journey/White Sister while Track 2 bounces along like a Tyketto tune. "Show Me" would fit perfectly on a DLR-led Van Halen album while Chirp is the standard ballad of the disc.(danthecdman)

viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Persia - No Compromise 1995 (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal) USA

Fantastic HardRock/Metal.Vocals
this cd Larry Atello --> www.atello.com/

Persia - St 1991 (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal) USA

Very good, hard edged melodic rock CD/ep that, if you can find one, will be a major coup! Reminds me of Agentz, particularly with Rik McCoys vocal delivery, but without the over blown pompous keys that runs through "Stick To Your Guns". In fact, as I listen to this ep, its more hard rock/metal, than it is melodic rock, but still very good, never the less!
vocals this cd Rik McCoy

Nasty Nasty - Get Some!! USA 1990 Glam

Awesome band from the USA released on Kack Productions . Fans of Bronx Zoo , Kid Wikkid , Jones Street ........ENJOY!

East Coast - East Coast The Netherlands 1988 Melodic Hard Rock

Awesome Dutch band released on Jaws Records Holland 1988 later reissued in 2007. Fans of Dalton , Bai Bang , Stormwing , Midnight Blue....ENJOY!!

Will And The Kill - St 1988 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA,320@

Catchy, barroom rawk n roll, with some good bluesy guitarwork, from Texan,Will Sexton, who was still on the go, in the early 2000s, as a solo artist.

jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Seven LTD - Reset Devices 2000 (Prog Rock/AOR) Spain

EnlaceVery Goog Prog Rock/AOR.More Info Here!.

Empyre - No More Running Away 1989 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

This listing is for an original 1989 Coat of Arms Records INDIE Release from AOR/Melodic/Hard Rock Artists, "EMPYRE," with their release entitled, “NO MORE RUNNING AWAY.” This CD is a MEGA RARE CD that few collectors know exist.The band hails from Setauket, New York, but no other information is known about the band (CD is that RARE!) The opening track is pure WILDBOYZ - great GLAM-style anthem called "NO MORE RUNNING AWAY." Very difficult to pinpoint who these guys sound like - several songs are AOR, others GLAM, and others HARD ROCK. The disc features stunning guitar work, typical of the late 80s style AOR/Melodic Rock that we all love. This is a MEGA-RARITY. An ABSOLUTE MUST FOR ALL FANS of the genre! (ebay.com)

Empyre - First Station 1998 (Hard Rock) Germany

Good female fronted german melodic hard rock band with a vocalist that sounded like Bombay Cafes,Jamie Wanzenried.Some good hooks here ala Blue 46, but with metal balls! For fans of Warlock/Doro, Laos.Limited edition 0f 500 only!

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Big Deal - A Place To Go 1995 (Melodic Hard Rock/AOR) Germany

This cd was publishes on private forum 6 monthis ago.. i spen 90 dollars on it!.SIC!

Big Deal - So Fake 1993 (Hard Rock) Netherlands

This band is Big Deal (Netherlands),...other band similar Big Deal (Australia) & Big Deal (Germany) all's VERY COOL!!

Bogart Co - No. 1 1983 + Dance On 1989 (AOR) Finland

Fire Dept - Things AreTough All Over USA 1990 Melodic Hard Rock

Awesome band from USA/Kentucky released on Pineapple Productions 1990 . Fans of Friction , Rock Blvd , Rock Candy...... Very rare !! ENJOY!!

Tough Trade - Sweet Talkin' 7'' "Single" (Melodic Rock/AOR) Sweden


Exizt - After Midnight Iceland 1991 Melodic Hard Rock

Here is a gem from ICELAND , one of the best indie melodic hard rock bands out there . Fans of Jillson , Brass Kitten , White Eagle ... Very cool and man very very hard to find on CD , sorry for the back insert mine has faded really bad ..........ENJOY!

Bogart Co - New Games 1987 + I Want You 1988 (AOR/Synth-Pop) Finland


Fingerprints - Time Is All We Need Sweden 1989 AOR

Excellent and very rare album from Sweden . Released on Sonet Records Sweden 1989 . Fans of Bricklin , The Storm , ShaBoom , Street Talk , Talk Of the Town .....ENJOY!

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Big Deal - Time Is Running Australia 1993 Melodic Hard Rock

Excellent band from Australia released on Devon Records 1993 . Fans of Night Ranger ,Hardline , Giant . Highly Recommended ...ENJOY!!

First Shot - From The Hip Canada 2001 AOR

Debut released on Escape Music 2001 ......ENJOY!!

First Shot - Midnight Madness Canada 2003 AOR

Excellent Canadian AOR band . Released on Escape Music 2003 . Fans of FM , Overland , Change Of Heart , Heartland.....ENJOY!!

Freefall - Demos 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

This Freefall is of USA,audio quality is not very good ... but it is still a rarity very good!! 3 songs demos.

Jump - Demos 1989 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Suecia


Ty Aornufc.

F.K.M. - Demos 1989 (Melodic Rock) UK

Festival of keyboards, mini cd of this great English band!.Hiper-Recommended!!.TY Aornufc and Homer69.

Ty Aornufc

Hiroshima - Hiroshima Spain 1989/2000 Melodic Hard Rock

Awsome band from Spain originally released on Avispa Records 1989 and later reissue on Vinny Records 2000 . Fans of Zinatra , Dalton , Ice Blue , Fate , Treat . ENJOY!

Ice Blue - Ice Blue Spain 2002 Melodic Hard Rock

Awesome Melodic Hard Rock band from Spain released on Vinny Records 2002 . Fans of 91 Suite , Airless , Hiroshima . ENJOY!!

James Christian - Meet The Man USA 2004 Melodic Hard Rock

Excellent sophmore release . Released on Frontiers Records 2004 . Look forward to a new House Of Lords in September titled BIG MONEY . From the tracks I heard they are awesome . ENJOY!

James Christian - Rude Awakening USA 1994 Melodic Hard Rock

Awesome debut solo album from House Of Lords front man . Released on Empire Records 1994 .ENJOY!

Freefall - Rebel Hard 1997 (Melodic Rock/AOR) UK

Freefall was Mikeys & Chris band pre-Kick, before they named Naughty Naughty and XL. Very sounding 80s Def Leppard style!

Opera - Demos 1980 (Melodic Rock) Noruega

Ninja - Forgotten Shadows 1987 (Heavy Metal) USA

Classic Metal.

Ninja Dolls - Demos (Power Pop) Sweden

Punk power pop from Sweden, who like bands with singers at The Go-Sheilas style, Die Pretty, Etc. .. asked not to my taste ..