jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Jackflash - St. 1991 (Hard Rock) Finland

Outstanding melodic hard rock CD with big guitars and pretty good songs on this. Recommended to all if you can find this.(baroqq)

New Regime - The Race 1987 & St 1985 (AOR/Power Rock) Canada

..like If u like INXS but played in a harder way or the likes of Pseudo Echo and The Power Station..

Prisoner - Rip It Up 1986 (Melodic Metal) USA

PRISONER, power metal band formed in 1985 and
their ranks had vocalist who''participate''Coburn Pharr
OMEN on the album''''Escape To Nowhere 1988. and the album
''Annihilator Never, Neverland''1990.

martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Prisoner - Let Loose 2007 (Melodic Hard Rock) UK

We formed originally in the 1980,s under the name vixen we have now reformed using the name prisoner and have just released let loose featuring new and old tracks.Coming soon our new album "Let Loose" visit www.originalvixen.com or visit prisoner on My Space for a preview.

Prisoner - Blind 2000 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Sweden

AOR fans should take to this one fairly easily, the songs and style are familiar - the keyboard / guitar driven melodies are all fairly predictable, yet enjoyable to say the least. It's a very smooth album, with plenty of programming and several layers of Toto-ish effects. But the production is thankfully much better and several songs rock harder than expected (e.g. Stop Playing Games). (Rycheage)
Tommy Denander guitars, bass, keyboards, programming/Thomas Vikstrom backing vocals/Mikael Eriksson backing vocals

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

St. Warren - Demos Rare Tracks (Hard Rock) USA

Only 3 Songs.Like Skid Row, Dokken, Lillian Axe, y Harem Scarem.

Prisoner - II 2001 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Very good AOR / Westcoast with the typical sound of Denander. "Hold On" is my favorite. "One Way" "Jasmine" "One Step Closer" "I'm Right Here" the best. The letters in "Prisoners" is a declaration of principles ehh .. In "Standing on the Outside" are the choirs M. Erlandsson and T. Vikström. Big mistake the cover of Britney the worst .. Bonuses (11,12,13) ​​ok nomas. And in the acknowledgments Denander said: IF YOU ARE A PRISONER - DO NOT EVER CHANGE, STAY THE WAY OR R.(j.carlos)

R.A.W. - First 2004 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Good melodic rock band, who had ex Dalton, brothers Lindmark.
The music itself is a lot bluesier that Dalton, though still retaining some good hooks."First" album was reissue in 2004 by Mtm, with two bonus tracks, and a duet with Zia Lindberg (also on original)

St. Paradise - St 1979 (AOR) USA

70′s lost classic from St. Paradise “Tighten The Knot”…this band was made up of Derek St. Holmes (The voice/rhythm guitar on the Ted Nugent classics “Stranglehold”, “Just What The Doctor Ordered”, “Stormtroopin’ “…and more)…Plus Rob Grange (bass for Ted Nugent), and Denny Carmassi (drummer for Montrose, Sammy Hagar, and later for Heart)…Ted would have sounded better if he had kept St. Holmes. Check it out.

Lazarus - St "DOUBLE" 2001 (Hard Rock) USA 192@

Pretty simple maths here. If you like 80's hard rock like Warrant Poison etc. check this out (Though admittedly nowhere near as good). Reminds me a lot of Bittersweet (post-Rock Candy), and not just for the fact they were of the same era and both released double CDs of thier work recently, but they are similar in style too. Good solid hard rock in demo format (please note this is a collection of unpolished recordings and sound is not great).(geoff)

Corey Hart - The Best Of 2006 (AOR/Pop) Canada

His song "Sunglasses at Night" propelled him to fame in the '80s. He also had great success their song "Never Surrender" from her second album. However, after this commercial success declined, but continued to record songs and ballads.

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Marc Ferrari - Guest List 1995 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Marc Ferrari (Cold Sweat/Keel/Medicine Wheel) Great Melodic Hard Rock!,participating artists : Steve Plunkett (Autograph); John West (Artension/Royal Hunt); Tommy Thayer (KISS/Black 'n Blue); Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch); Keith St. John (Burning Rain); Erik Gamans (Cold Sweat); Mark Normand (Shout);Anthony White (Xcursion/Cold Sweat); Bob Kulick (KISS/Meat LoaF/WASP); Todd Jensen (Sequel/Harlow)..

sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

Urban Tale - St. 2000 + Signs Of Time 2003 (Aor/West Coast) Finland 320@

Ace Aor/West Coast band that combine elements of Journey, Toto and Saga to fine effect.Blom would feature on the two Heartplay albums and more recently Jims comeback album "Full Circle" (as did Korhonen) and Aor project Northern Lights.
Looking good for a comeback album in 2008.

Human Zoo - Eyes of The Stranger Germany 2011 Melodic Hard Rock

Awesome new release from one of my favorite Germany bands . Released on Fastball Music . Fans of Subway , Jaded Heart , Bonfire , Frontline , Gotthard Pink Cream 69 . ENJOY!

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Revenge - St 1996 (Hard Rock/Metal) Belgium

Very Good Hard Rock Power!!

Lazarus - Bombz Away 1994 (Hard Rock) USA

WOW!!! Kick ass rock-n-roll, the way it should "kicked"! LAZARUS is my NEW favorite band! "Bombz Away" is reminiscent of "Second Coming" Shotgun Messiah, "Haunted" should be ALL OVER THE RADIO!, "Far Cry From Over" reminds me of old "Rocks" era Aerosmith, and "Fit To Be Tied" is just a barn-burner!!! Folks, if you love your 80's hair metal loud and sleazy, LAZARUS is just what "Dr. Feelgood" ordered! (Metal4Ever)

8084 - Demos 198? (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

: Very good melodic rock band, who, in their time had supported bands/artist like Aldo Nova, Toto and Warrant.

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

4Fourty - I Am Human 2010 (Hard Rock/Melodic Metal)

4Fourty was established in 2000 by lead vocalist, Steve Samson and guitarist, Owen Parker. The band gained popularity in 2001, with thier debute CD, I'm Not Odd, selling out many of Nashville's local rock clubs. While extensivley touring the mid-west, 4Fourty shared the stage with national acts such as Enuff z Enuff, Faster Pussycat, Kansas, Judas Priest, Sofa Kings, and more. By 2004, the band had achieved notoriety on the road as hard-hitting, high enegry rock performers. The band then returned to the studio in 2005, and went on to record two more albums; I Am Human, and III. The members of the band then pursued independent careers as Steve, being a producer/ songwriter in Nashville, and Owen, a session guitarist, in Los Angeles. In early 2007 the pair decided to colaborate on a new album, the result of which was Emotion Machine. A concept album, Emotion Machine, was a highly energetic, melody driven, government conspiracy, set to music. This album escalated to be their greatest accomplishment to date and would define a unique "sound" that is unmistakenly 4Fourty.
Thank U SnoWmann

Annette Hopfenmüller - Behind The Dunes 1987 (AOR/Pop) Germany

Buy this album thinking to find a great rarity!..and it is not!.Decent vinyl,one more to the collection.
Ripping Viny for my,total fixes! separation of tracks, cleaning chips, Sound Reduction Mr.Camelblue
Info Here!.

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Eclipse - Second To None Sweden 2004 Melodic Hard Rock

Essential Melodic Hard Rock released on Frontiers Records . ENJOY!

Blue Dynasty - Only The Strong Survive Spain 2011 Melodic Hard Rock

Killer new band from Spain with solid songs and a great melodic sound . Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/bluedynasty87 ENJOY!

White Tears - St 1993 (Hard Rock) USA


Mara - America 1998 (Melodic Rock/Prog Rock) USA

Good Melodic Rock/Prog Rock album, .. this one not is like the other albums this is more Progressive with more acoustic guitars and ballads, the previous ones are better by far..(rafo)

Brisk - St 1991 + Caught In The Act 2005 (Hard Rock) Canada

Average hard rock release by Brisk. Long way Home starts off on a positive note. Dirty Tricks is next with a killer guitar solo. Things go down hill from here. Foxy Lady is boring and should have been left off the cd. Cover of Kiss's Detroit Rock City is average. They do a decent cover of Alice's Schools Out. I would have liked to hear more original songs by Brisk rather than the cover songs.(the game)

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Shakra - St 1998 (Hard Rock) Swiss

Like Gotthard, Crystal Ball ,Jaded Heart ,Fair Warning..ect.Recommended!!

Saga - Wildest Dreams 1987 (Prog Rock/AOR/Pop) Canada

This has more of a pop/AOR feel to it with the keyboards at the forefront. This is not a bad thing though. "Don't Put Out The Fire" and "Wildest Dreams" have that same Saga cohesiveness, but gone are the progressive tendencies, of which probably has Jez at a loss. The songs are strong and classy, just not as progressive. Solid release throughout.(Rycheage)

Seeker - St. 1987 (CCM AOR) USA

Little known christian band with an album that looked like a bunch of demos put together by that once great website,mp3.com. The music is good aor in the same vein as Synch and Cast of Shadows.

Robbie Dupree - Street Corner Heroes 1981 (AOR!!) USA

At the beginning of 1980, Robbie Dupree released his first album including 2 smash hit songs "Steal Away" ranked number 6 on Billboard Chart and "Hot Rod Hearts" ranked number 15.After he released his second album titled "Street Corner Heroes" in 1981, (which was also produced by Peter Bunetta and Rick Chaudacoff, ex-members of the group named Crackin', to which Leslie Smith belonged), he decided to turn his back on the pop music world circus and returned to Woodstock.It was not until the of 80's that he made the news again with his 3rd album "Carried Away" released in Japan.

Emmy Strut - St (EP) 1985 (Heavy Metal) USA

Classic Heavy Metal 80's

Gilt - Lookin' For An Alibi 7'' single + Demos (Melodic Rock/AOR)

Rare band whit Female fronted,the demos is more Melodic Rock/Singles is AOR!.