martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Mariner - "EP" 1983 (Melodic Rock) USA

Two rare discs here particularly the self-titled ep with a limited run of 500, and the album having twice as many at 1000. Its a pity it wasn't the other way arround, since the ep (Le Roux, Roadmaster) is far superior to the LP in every way.
Thats not to say that "Sweet Horizon" did not have its good points. Title track "Sweet Horizon" has a good hook akin to the songs of the ep, but its steadily downhill from there. What is a constant though, is the fluid guitarwork of... well you choose! Theres three guitarists in all. Search out the ep at all costs, and if you like then buy the LP for the first track and some nice guitarwork.
There were also CDs released which had a mixture of new tracks and songs culled from their "Sweet Horizon" album, and ep.

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  1. make me baby - i love it, great

  2. Hello Kissmar, sadly the Link for Mariner EP is dead! Can you fix it? Thank you very much. Greetings from Switzerland, Andy.