lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Dixon Jane - This Is Not A Drill 1993 (Melodic Rock) Canada

Canadian quartet out of Toronto...3 guys, 1 gal, and an album of competent melodic rock, ranging from the hard the aor.
Definitely had talent and possibility, album number two could have been a cracker!
For fans of Santers.
Thank U! McKagan
Listen Here!

St. Hellier - Terra Firma 91 + Frustation 89 (Hair Metal) UK

English heavy metal band St Hellier were formed in early 1988 by Paul "Porky" Belton, after more than six years of touring the pubs and clubs of Britain as founder member of Deuce (in fact, for a while the band used the name Deuce, as the photo below shows). His aim was to form a band with fewer boundaries and a wider appeal, with young but talented musicians who were unaffected by any past experiences with bands.
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sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Cinematar - Follow The Road 2009 (Guitar Instrumental)

Album inspired by the biggest (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Satriani, ...). Album for a wide audience, with compositions of both melodic and technical. An invitation to travel.

Into The Light - St. 2000 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Kelly Hansen (HURRICANE) Vocals!.Very satisfieng release from these wellknown guys ! If you know the most recent one from mr.TimDonahue, you know what to expect : quality melodic hardrock. And the voice of Kelly is well fitting here ! Good record ! (aor freaky)

High Tension - 4 1994 (Melodic Hard Rock) Germany

Simply very good!!

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

KISS - SINGLE 1979 x 4

(Dirty livin' # Sure Know Something)
(I Was Made For Lovin' You # Hard Times)
(Sure Know Something # Dirty livin')
(I Was Made For Lovin' You # Beth)

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Kiss - Dynasty [Remaster] 1979 + Dynasty Sessions (Hard Rock) USA


Allegiance - Hazardous 1992 (AOR/Indie Rock) USA

Enigmatic American band, with more than a Christian slant to the songs. Music takes in a range of genres, from power pop to prog, but all mixed up by an excellent vocalist in Bill Gritton.
With a little bit more polish, and discipline in musical direction, these guys could have made a mark.
Another band to file under "promising".

Avenue - In My Life 7'' Single 1985 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Little known band who I believe were Swedish, released this hard to find, vinyl only single. The artwork gives absolutely nothing away!
The A-side is a kind of power ballad, and not a bad tune. Better is the B-side "Take away", which is an up tempo melodic rocker with nice use of keys, and more reminiscent of UK bands like Peroux and Moritz, than anything Scandinavian.
The fact that the A-Side was a ballad, does suggest there may have been an earlier single, which was a full on melodic rocker. (follow-up singles would normally be a ballad).
Recommended, if you can find one.
If anybody has any other info out there, please email us at the usual address.

Avenue - Escape From Silence 1986 (AOR) USA

Very good Aor with pomp pretensions. Similar style to bands like Roadmaster and Le Roux.
Yep! guessed it... also quite rare.

Bill LaBounty - Back to Your Star 2009 (West Coast/AOR) USA

18 years after the excellent "The Right Direction", Bill LaBounty comes back with a new album titled "Back to your Star" featuring many guests including Larry Carlton, Robbie Dupree, David Hungate, Danny Parks, Steve Wariner, Michael Rhodes, Tommy Wells, Sam Levine & Brian Fullen.
Due for release on May for Japan and June for US and Europe, Bill will begin taking advance orders for the new album by May 15th on his website.(noted.blogs)

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Avenue Max - It's Tonight 1999 (AOR/Moderm Rock) USA

AVM (a/k/a AvenueMax) is an outstanding Chicago based Rock Group and Recording Act headed by singer, songwriter and producer ROBERT MACKEY. Official web-site is .Hook filled and powerfully melodic, AVM songs and music are being compared to today's hot groups like U2, Train, Maroon 5 and Coldplay. Robert Mackey's songs and music are clearly inspired by such legendary artists as Kansas, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Don Henley, Foreigner and the Electric Light Orchestra. (CDbaby)

Artic Foxx - Window Of Time 2003 (Hard Rock) USA

Also a covers band, playing songs by Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Kiss, as you might expect these guys play nothing original, just well played Hard Rock influenced by all the afore mentioned bands, and a dose of Black N Blue. Three members of Artic Foxx, John, Danny and Dave have played with various bands during the late 70's and early 80's. These include Nemesis, Live Wire, Dark Star and Impact. Defiance was a band previous to Artic Foxx, that they were all members of.This album was released in 2003 and NOT in the 80's. So if a dealer neglects to inform you of the year of release... he's trying to screw you. (saw this album go on a well known auction site for more than three times its current new price). You want to know where to buy it? ask me!

Double Heart - Hearts On Fire 1993 (Melodic Rock) switzerland

Very rare album with a mid west feel, and vocals that are an acquired taste, but appart from that, nothing really to write home about.
Collectors only!

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Mariner - "EP" 1983 (Melodic Rock) USA

Two rare discs here particularly the self-titled ep with a limited run of 500, and the album having twice as many at 1000. Its a pity it wasn't the other way arround, since the ep (Le Roux, Roadmaster) is far superior to the LP in every way.
Thats not to say that "Sweet Horizon" did not have its good points. Title track "Sweet Horizon" has a good hook akin to the songs of the ep, but its steadily downhill from there. What is a constant though, is the fluid guitarwork of... well you choose! Theres three guitarists in all. Search out the ep at all costs, and if you like then buy the LP for the first track and some nice guitarwork.
There were also CDs released which had a mixture of new tracks and songs culled from their "Sweet Horizon" album, and ep.

Atomic Up - St. 1993 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Very Good Melodic Hard rock.

Lion's Share - Demos 1988/90/91 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Before Lions Share went hard rock on us, they were an awesome pomp rock band that released this highly prized vinyl single, more than 15 years ago. They did split up and in 1995 reformed, and a host of well known names ( Thomas Vikstrom, Conny Lind, Marcel Jacob) joined the ranks. They have now released 5 albums, but in my view, none of the songs were on par with these two beauty's.
In saying that, their new style is totally different and must be judged on its own merit, and really, viewed as a separate entity. Mean while Pompsters search out this single and enjoy the download below.Fanpomptastic! (aor-fm)

Tarzen - St 1985 (Hard Rock) Argentina/España

Like!? Mix of Bon Jovi and Vow Wow

Red-C - "EP" 2011 (Rock Funky)

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

State Cows - St 2010 (AOR/Westcoast) USA

The triumphant return of the classic Westcoast AOR sound of the 80s à la Airplay, Pages, Maxus, David Roberts and Steely Dan. Featuring Jay Graydon on guitar,..the home town of Daniel Andersson and Stefan Olofsson, the brains behind the State Cows.
Listen! Here!!

Topaz - World Of Secrets 1990 (AOR) USA

Obscure classic Melodic Rock / AOR gem, this time from Chicago band TOPAZ. Highly sought after by collector's worldwide, this essential AOR!.Loaded with blankets of cool keyboards, with tasty guitars, smooth vocals and overall impressive musicianship, Topaz has been compared to bands like:
The Cauze, Alpha, Zebra, Zac Master, Bite The Bullet, Saga, Outrider, Haywire, Peroux, The Max, Blvd., etc....

Eternal Ryte - World Requiem USA 1990 Melodic Hard Rock

Awesome band with a cool message ! Fans of Stryper , Holy Solier , AdrianGale , Sure Conviction . ENJOY!

Hero - Everytime UK 1990 Melodic Hard Rock

Nice band from the UK that plays Melodic Hard Rock to there best . ENJOY!

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Next Of Kin - St. 2009 (Hard Rock/Metal) UK


Alliance - Missing Piece 1999 (AOR) USA

Their first was pretty good, but this is even a lot better ! With Berry on vocals and Fitzgerald on keys, you can't go wrong and what they have to offer is well crafted AOR ! Certainly a band to check out and I've heard a third one is in the pipeline, but it seems to take a lot of time ! (aor freaky)

Alliance - Bond Of Union 1993 (AOR) USA

A fine piece of AOR!!

Badd Boyz - St 1993 (Hard Rock) USA 320@

Does a great job of delivering a late 80s-style melodic hard rock sound that should strongly appeal to fans of Black N Blue, Blonz, Dokken, and bands of that nature. Loud guitars, big hooks, powerful choruses, and gang backing vocals are what these boys are all about..(allen)

Miami Riot - Dirty Living In The City USA 1990 Glam

Excellent glam band from the USA for fans of Vinnie Vincent , Poison , Ratt , Dokken. ENJOY!

April Foolz - April Foolz USA 1991 Melodic Hard Rock

sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

Dynasty - Dynasty Germany 1993 Melodic Hard Rock

Excellent Melodic Hard Rock band in the style of Casanova , MT Eyes , Wild Frontier , Fate . Enjoy!

Accelerator - Welcome To The Show 1991 (Melodic Rock) USA

Average to good hard rock moves with excellent vocals provided by Abbie J.Stancato who would later go on to front Nova Rex for their first album, "Blow Me Away".
There is also a cover version of Bad Companys' "Rock n Roll Fantasy.(aor-fm)

The Stuff - St 1993 (Hard Rock) USA

With an intro track called “The Hunt” similar to “Ginger Snaps” from Danger Danger on the Screw it! release, you know this one will please all. Includes some great rockin’ tracks like “Open Season”, “Touch Me”, “Learn By Living” and the massive Dokken like epic closing track “Castaway”. Don’t worry no hair rock indie would be complete without some killer tear jerkin’ ballads like “Someone New” and “I Will Always Be There”. The vocals, lead and harmony, song writing and the blistering guitar work make this one a must.(heavymetaladdiction)

HOT BOY - Barely Legal USA 1989 Melodic Hard Rock

Here is another rare gem from the USA released on A&R Records 1989 . This was one of the top money makers on ebay for many years and then Scream the vocalist found many of them in a warehouse and still today pops up on ebay cheap . So if you can buy one it is a great indie band . The CD holds right up there with the top indie band such as Jillson , Kidd Wikkid , Kid Cyote , Concrete Jungle . ENJOY!