lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Word of Honour - Heat Of The Moment 1991 (Rock) Australia

Fronted by ex Cheetah (Rock And Roll Women) vocalist Lyndsay Hammond (the raven haired lass), this album did in fact reach #25 in the German pop charts. Also toured UK and Germany 1991-1995. Don't remember seeing them... perhaps it was the chemical haze. There are a number of styles in here Blues; Pop rock ala Inxs, and melodic rock. In saying this, all the tunes are dominated by Hammonds strong vocal style, and Goldsmiths bluesy axe work. Good thing is that each song flows seemlessly into the other, and you never really notice the transition. A sign of a good album, I'd say. And lets face it...100,000 Germans can't be wrong. A "result" for the indie label.Recommended.(aor-fm)

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