miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

United Nations - The First Move 1985 + Demos (Melodic Rock) UK

Ye Hah! A UK (Stoke) band?! Bejesus! whats the world coming too? .. and the first song on this wee gem of an album is called "Sound Of The 1980's". What more could you ask for? A classic!? Steady on... not quite. How about Monro, Charlie, and Tobruck though... sound good? Check out the soundbyte below... and make up your own mind. I've only ever seen one copy of this, and it ain't mine, mores the pity. Written right at the very bottom of this album is "Two fingers in the air to Nauso-leum Records". I guess a certain record label failed to sign them. Their loss. Get trawling those record fairs and second hand shops, and if you see two copies... !

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