martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Fingerprint - On File 1984 (Pomp Rock/Melodic Rock) USA

Supreme Melodic Aor/Pomp mini Lp with massive hooks that utterly blew me away when it first hit the turntable. Fingerprint play a fine brand of rock that crosses Le Roux/ Roadmaster like pomp with Autographs guitar crunch and leaves you like a drug addict,begging for more and asking, "why only 5 tracks God"? This is a real undiscovered classic and is the fuel for people like me as we wear out countless pairs of shoes in our search for the motherlode and hidden perfection. "Catch A Star" Fingerprints penultimate track, was originally covered by LIMOUSINE (Chassis Recs 1982) on their excellent self-titled debut.This was probably something to do with the fact that Brett Hansen was a one time guitarist of the band, and no doubt a founding member. It is a rare ep, and should you come across one, check the vinyl and make sure, like a few I've known, is not warped!

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