jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Cem Köksal - Vigilante ´Episode One´ 2011 (Hard Rock) Instanbul

The Swedish singer Mats Leven (ex member of Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux, Abstrakt Algebra metal and various other projects) and the current band of Turkish guitarist Cem Köksal, formed a melodic metal side project they called Vigilante, which starts today, 30 March 1 tour of the Turkish cities of Izmir, Bursa, Istanbul and Ankara.
Recall that in 2007, the great virtus Cem Köksal is able to transcend the borders of his country to record a live album with the legendary Joe Lynn Turner, which sounded themes of his debut album Just Set Me Free (recorded with vocalist of Turkish Pentagram: Mezarkabul) plus some versions of Deep Purple and Rainbow.
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