viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Bon Scott - Round And Round 2011 (Rock)

After his first band, The Spektors (drums and occasional vocals), formed the group The Valentines, as a singer with Vince Lovegrove. The Valentines recorded several songs written by George Young of The Easybeats including Every Day I Have To Cry. During his tenure with The Valentines, Scott was one of the first Australian rock musicians to be arrested for possession of marijuana. Scott moved to Adelaide and joined the band Fraternity. The band released two albums (Livestock and Flaming Galah) after moving to Sydney and make a European tour in 1971.In 1973, after returning from a tour of England, Fraternity separates. During this period, Scott joins a group called Peter Head's Mount Lofty Rangers. After one trial, Scott has a motorcycle accident and suffered serious injuries. Fraternity returns to join, but Scott was replaced by singer Jimmy Barnes.
Thank U Vlada

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