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lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Train Statation - St. 2005 (Melodic Blues Rock) USA

Rare Band..Like The Black Crowes.. Recommended!!

Shark Island - Gathering Of The Faithful 2006 (Melodic Hard Rock)

Info Here!

Bridge 2 Far - St 1989 (AOR) USA

Williamsons vocals are so moody and clear. Every track has its own magic! Brilliant!.
239.99 eur ?!! crazy! Here!

Scratch - St "EP" 199? (Hair Metal/Hard Rock)

Other Rare & Very Good Hard Rock whit touch Sleazy/Glam.
Thaks U! 80sManiac

Sinister Grin - Annie Up 1991 (Hard Rock)

Rare and Good Hard Rock/rock

Trial Mile - Crisp 1996 (Indie Rock)

Good Indie

Wild Willy's Gang - Camourflage 2005 (Heavy Metal) Noruega

A real Norwegian super group feat. Ronni Le Tekro (TNT), singer Jan Thore Grestad (Highland Glory), Igor Gionola (UDO), Sid Ringsby (TNT) and Willy Bendiksen plus Tony Harnell handling leads on 1 song - think a real metal version of TNT/Westworld

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Purple Lake - Rock n Roll is Here to Stay 1996 (AOR/Melodic Rock) Swiss


Newman - One Step Closer 1999 (AOR!!) UK

Yeah! GREAT AOR Album, lords it with you one of the best bands of recent times simply extraordinary, a band that sucked the best influences of AOR and Melodic Rock from Survivor, Giant, Harem Scarem.. (rafo phoenix)

Kevin Chalfant - Fly 2 2007 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

Kevin Chalfant has finalized work on a new 13-track cd entitled FLY 2 FREEDOM. The cd is expected to be released May 21st of 2007 on Clique Records. The tracks on the new CD are all of his favorite Journey songs, as a tribute to the music that Kevin honors to be some of the finest works done by any Melodic Rock band, ever.

House of Shakira "6 cd's" (Melodic Rock/AOR) Sweden

Lint 1997/On the Verge 1998/Best of Two 2000/III 2000/First Class 2004/Dmos 1990/The Station (Pre House Of Shakira) 1990

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Buxx - Knickers Down "EP" 1982 (Hard Rock) USA

Good Pomp rock outfit from Rochester, New York, and not to be confused with pre Angel band, Bux. Keyboarder Martin Victor would go on to join Brighton Rock for their s/t ep release only.

Borgogna - Something To Lean On 199? (Melodic Hard Rock) Italy

For fans of Firehouse, Mr. Big and Danger Danger. “Something To Lean On” is the debut-album for the italian Melodic Hard Rock band BORGOGNA, recorded and mastered in N.Y.C. (at the popular ”Sterling Sound Studios”) years ago but that never seen the light of the day, due to different reasons. So now the right time has come for this real gem to be discovered!

Deja Vu - St. 1990 (Melodic Rock) Argentina

Reedition.Recomended! 128 sorry!

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Burning Starr - Best Of 1998 "Jack Starr's Burning Starr" (Hard Rock) Germany

Recommended! 16 songs.Info Here!.

Jynx - Heads Or Tails 1996 (Melodic Metal)

There's nothing about this band that will make you wrinkle your nose in disgust, but neither is there anything that will make you want to sell your soul to obtain a copy. JYNX borrows bits & pieces from other, better melodic hard rock bands and mixes the influences into something that is less than the sum of its parts. Melodic rock fans who like formulaic fluff may want to check this CD out...all others are advised to save their hard-earned dollars & cents.(allen)

United Nations - The First Move 1985 + Demos (Melodic Rock) UK

Ye Hah! A UK (Stoke) band?! Bejesus! whats the world coming too? .. and the first song on this wee gem of an album is called "Sound Of The 1980's". What more could you ask for? A classic!? Steady on... not quite. How about Monro, Charlie, and Tobruck though... sound good? Check out the soundbyte below... and make up your own mind. I've only ever seen one copy of this, and it ain't mine, mores the pity. Written right at the very bottom of this album is "Two fingers in the air to Nauso-leum Records". I guess a certain record label failed to sign them. Their loss. Get trawling those record fairs and second hand shops, and if you see two copies... !

domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

The Wild Roses - St 2004 (Hard Rock Sleazy)

For a start the band’s sound is completely entrenched in the ‘80’s which for me was the greatest decade of music ever and also lyrically and image wise they took me back to a time when rock ’n roll was all about fast cars, loud guitars and wild, wild livin’.
The riff happy opening cut “Come Tomorrow” immediately sums up what these boys are all about: a big slice of sleaze rock delivered with plenty of sass, screaming guitars, slamming drums, pounding bass lines and the grittiest vocals this side of the Atlantic.
Repeated listens threw up references to bands such as Faster Pussycat, Poison, Guns N’ Roses, Erotic Suicide and No Respect.
Best bits include “Shake & Rattle My Bones’ which basically is Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me” and Faster Pussycat’s “Bathroom Wall” thrown together, the fist punching “One Hell Of A Night” and “Young & Wild” that echoes Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil”.(rockreport.com)

Broadcast - Step On It 2008 (Hard Rock/Blues) Finland

Step on it... tasty brilliant westcoast aor from finland. this particular album has a bluesy flavor to it. rare original, out of print, hard to find edition on flamingo label. co-produced by the almighty aor-wizard Kassu Halonen.
Liste Here!.

Crossfire - Demos 1993 (Hard Rock)

GOOD Demos!.

Crime Control - St EP 1989 (Melodic Hard Rock)

Hiper! Rare very Rare!

Hotel Hunger - Mars Needs Guitars 1996 (Rock) Denmark

Info Here!.

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Mr. Reality - St 1992 (Acoustic Melodic Rock) USA

Good Acoustic Melodic Rock Album clearly in the same vein of Nelson especially on the choruses. Catchy choruses & nice melodies and a very good singer. "If I Close My Eyes"(my Fav. song!), "Honest Innuendos", "Anonymous" and "In My Yard"(This song reminded me a bit of Frontline´s Acoustic Album) are mine. Recommended if you are into Acoustic albums.(j.carlos)