sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Kidd Glove - St. 1984 (Melodic Rock) USA

Early Paul Sabu "band" project from Mr Elephant boy himself. Better than some of his most recent solo stuff and a precursor to the excellent "Heartbreak" and the ulitmate Sabu envolved release,1988s Only Child s/t debut.Bassists Jeff Steele would go onto release a solo album in Japan: "Steele".Kidd Glove was reissued in 1995 on Long Island records with a score of bonus tracks!

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  1. muchas gracias compa

  2. Hola! Lo siento, no hablo español.

    If you are referring to the Alfa/Brunette release, "STEELE" ALCB-3124, that was not released by the bassist from Paul Sabu's Kidd Glove. That one was actually done by me! :)

    I'm the former guitarist from New Jersey band Little Sister, who was briefly signed to RCA Records in 1992-93. My CD was unfinished at the time I was dropped from the label, but we made a deal to release it in Japan on Alfa/Brunette. I don't know the bassist Jeff Steele... there were a lot of guys named "Steele" in metal bands back then, hehehe...

    -Jeff "Steele" Zugale

  3. Hi Jeff.. thank you very much for your data.. just take this data from the internet thanks for your input

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