jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Big Left Turn - Dreamship 2000 (Melodic Rock AOR) USA

AOR melodic hard rock in the vein of NIGHT RANGER with stunning vocals, brilliant songwriting, excellent guitars and big production. One of the best unknown AOR gems waiting to be discovered. It's a shame the band never did another release.(delbert)

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Straight Wired - Bohica 1996 (Hard Rock) USA

This CD has been re-released by Kivel Records under the title
"Color My World". It has a different track list, and one or two new songs mixed in.
Mr. Big (song structure in general).. "funk" ala Extreme, Ugly Kid Joe, or Sage.

Straight Up - Faster & Deeper 1991 (Hard Rock/Glam/Sleazy) USA

Aggressive sound! Classic! Glam & Sleazy

Stepchild - No Chrome 1996/2006 (Melodic Hard Rock)

The Heat - Westend Story 1987 (Melodic Rock) USA

Talk about obscure! This Kansas based "band of brothers" gave nothing away.
There were in fact at least three albums by this band, the other two being; "Extreme Heat" (1985) and "Unrleased" (1982-1985).
There is also a cd collection of songs taken from the days of The Heat, and other bands Tim and Anthony appeared with (Anthony & Animals, Blubird), cheerfully entitled, 25 Years Of Tim & Anthony (T & A)- "The Millenium Collection".
The music; mix some pomp ala Windfall, along with Survivor like, Melodic Aor, and you will get a feel of The Heat. Yes! excellent stuff that you should walk barefoot, over hot coals, to acquire.
In 2007 the band released the untold story series of albums.
These contained some of the songs from the cassette only album "Westend Story", unreleased, and the single "Too far, too fast" (co-written with Michael Des
Barres) which was used for two movies, Distant Thunder and True Colors.

The Bobby Hayden Band - No Stranger To The City 1988 (Melodic Rock) USA

Catchy melodic rock, with some nice keys and good lead guitar provided by Bobby Hayden himself. You will also note that ex Sabu ("Heartbreak")/Meat Loaf bassist Rick Bozzo plays, as does Randy Castillo (R.i.P) of Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue.
Tommy Amato (Beau Coup) was also a one time member.
The music itself is actually not too far away from the Sabu/Kidd Glove sound, and the vinyl ep is a worthy addition, to any melodic rockers collection.

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Submytion - Finally 1992 & Heart Of Darkness 1993 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

Highly recommending, great melodies, melodic choruses!

Richrath - Only The Strong Survive 1992 (AOR) USA

Gary Richrath solo album REO Speedwagon guitar-
Yep i mostly agree with Rob. Very Good AOR with nice/catchy Chorus/Solos and similar to REO.. "Today"(Beautifull Song) and "Hearts On Fire" are my faves. among others of course. Btw t/e singer reminds me of Alan Frew "Glass Tiger". (juan carlos)

Kim Mitchell - Aural Fixations 1993 (Hard Rock) Canada

Kim returned to his simple hard-driving rock of the mid-80's with Aural Fixations (E.G. World's Such A Wonder, Dog and A Bone, and Big Smoke). There are also some great ballads (Flames and Dreamer, in particular). There are a few duds on this record (Some Folks, There's A Story, which sounds too much like Extreme's Get the Funk out). but it's still worth a listen.

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Kiss - Paul,Peter,Ace & Gene 1978 (Hard Rock) USA "Edition Argentina"


Kidd Gloves - Feel the Fire EP 1987 (Hard Rock) USA

A rare hard rock/melodic metal EP from USA with female vocals..The songs are intensive with the powerful vocals of Lisa St. Ann.

212 - St "Demos" 199? (Melodic Rock)

Highly Recommended!

Donnie Miller - One Of The Boys 1989 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

"Me and You" is total Eddie Money, a pleasant exercise in mid-tempo textbook AOR. On other places like "Normal Guy (I Want Sex)" and "You Can't Stop Emotion", the Tommy Shaw influence is firmly felt. (Tommy sings and wrote on this release.) If you like Tommy Shaw's solo work, this CD is highly recommended!

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Kidd Glove - St. 1984 (Melodic Rock) USA

Early Paul Sabu "band" project from Mr Elephant boy himself. Better than some of his most recent solo stuff and a precursor to the excellent "Heartbreak" and the ulitmate Sabu envolved release,1988s Only Child s/t debut.Bassists Jeff Steele would go onto release a solo album in Japan: "Steele".Kidd Glove was reissued in 1995 on Long Island records with a score of bonus tracks!

Robert Hart - St 1992 (AOR) UK

English born Robert Hart came to prominence as the frontman for AOR outfit the DISTANCE. Gaining a deal from Atlantic, Hart's debut solo offering, 'Cries And Whispers', features performances from guitarist MICHAEL LANDAU and ex-ARCANGEL and DISTANCE keyboard player Jeff Bova.
Robert's second album, the eponymously titled Hollywood issued release, was produced by respected singer / songwriter and ex-ARGENT man RUSS BALLARD. Guest musicians included drummer Zak Starkey (son of ex-BEATLE Ringo Starr), bassist Chris Childs and BAD COMPANY guitarist Dave Colwell.

Kevin McCourt - Color Of The Trut 1997 (AOR)

Kevin´s passion and insight shine a unique, positive light in today´s world of dark, cynical songs. Those who seek out this rare, uplifting attitude in Color Of The Truth will also hear Kevin´s talents as a composer, arranger, producer, vocalist and keyboardist. From his heart-felt ballads, such as What We Learn From Love and Waiting Here For You, and the steamy R & B groove of Burning Alive to the hypnotic title track, Color Of The Truth, Kevin´s music will pull you into his everyday world of magical mystique.More Info Here!.

viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Wild Street - St "Unreleased" 2008 (Hard Rock) USA

Like.. Def Leppard mix Baton Rouge ! RECOMMENDED FULL!!

Fifth Avenue - If You Cant Drink It 199? (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Very Good Hard Rock Glam Sleazy..

I-Ten - Taking a Cold Look 1983 (AOR) UK

CLASSIC!! a real masterpiece!! 320@

Midwest - Royal Flash 1992 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Germay

..like Karo, Roko, Mydra or Craaft.

Wild One - St 1996 (Melodic Hard Rock) Denmark

Style be a blend of PRAYING MANTIS meets ZINATRA

Wild - Wild 1 1988 (Hard Rock) USA

Very Good Hard Rock!! 80's..
..rare sound..like a heavier INXS.. touch Billy Idol,Steve Stevens...

Repression - Prevalence of Pain 1994 (Melodic Metal) Germany

jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Red Sky - St. 1985 (AOR) USA

As you may or may not know, I don't actually hold copies of all the albums in this here database. Red Sky is one of these albums, and its a damn shame as there are some fantastic songs on offer here, by I have virtually no details!
Fantastic, poppy aor, with a great vocalists and guitars loud enough to keep the band out of the pure pop shop.
For fans of Eddie And The Tide.

Purple Lake - Wandering in the Darkness 1997 (Melodic Rock)

Hey!! very Recommended!! Great Melodic Rock!!

Legal Tender - No Promises (AOR)

Very Good A.O.R.

AldoNova - Blood On The Bricks DEMOS 1991 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Excellent demos !!

Russell - Wall Of Love 1995 (AOR) Sweden

Very good Swedish aor/westcoast project