lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Powerglide - On The Edge '84-'88 (Melodic Rock)

Powerglide were a hard working and well known Massachussetts quartet who were together from the mid-70's through 1992. The lineup stayed pretty consistent throughout the years featuring drummer (and Powerhouse Studios engineer) Stu Covington, guitarist / lead vocalist Peter Zins and bassist / lead vocalist Paul Goll (who has been with Donnie Iris since 1995). This CD contains 18 digitally remastered tracks from all the recordings from their 1984 LP ("On The Edge"), 1986 EP ("Fast Forward") and 1988 EP ("In The Red") before recording their final album in 1991 ("Where Do We Go From Here" -- CD also available here at Retrospect Records).
Stylistically they covered several bases over the years; from pomp rock, AOR, hi-tech AOR, pop-rock and bluesy rock -- all while consistently staying super melodic, innovative and keeping a high standard in musicianship and well-crafted songs. This release deserves your attention and is recommended to fans of: Honeymoon Suite, Loverboy, Leyden Zar, Thrills, Roadmaster, The Ravyns, Spys, Adrenalin, Touch, New England and Sugarcreek to name but a few....

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