miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

Ferreira - Better Run! 2010 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA/Brasil

Born in Brazil, USA resident since 1996, songwriter/singer/guitarist and producer Marco Ferreira released his first solo album FERREIRA – FALLEN HEROES with his brother Alex on the drums in 2002. To promote the album the brothers Ferreira joined forces with long time friend Gus Monsanto (REVOLLUTION RENAISSANSSE, ADAGIO, TAKARA) to take over the bass and backing vocals. As a trio they played heavy locally under the name MONKEY BITE in the Colorado area, West coast and with a few gigs in Brazil. During a show in Denver supporting the band RATT, the band met the bassist Dario Seixas (FIREHOURE, TAKARA, AMSTERDAM) Later to became GOODBYE THRILL bass player.More Info & Listen HERE!.

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