domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Brickyard - St. 1991 Reissue 2010 (Melodic Rock /AOR)

Wow - this is another great slice of 80s Melodic Rock / AOR unleashed from the vaults!! Led by Welsh-born Vocalist Mikel Japp , who has written songs for The Babys , Kiss and John Waite , Brickyard was actually a Los Angeles-based band that recorded a slew of songs that have never seen the light of day in cd form...until now. Mikel sounds like the perfect blend of John Waite , Lou Gramm , Steve Overland and Daniel Bowes. The four other members of Brickyard are extremely talented seasoned musicians who knew exactly how to lay down a tight Melodic Rock album with extremely tasty guitar work and a sprinkling of keys...David Logeman , Tad Dery , Luke Thule and Michael Lamper. Very highly recommended to all fans of top-notch classy 80s AOR and bands like: Terraplane , Foreigner , The Babys , Wildlife , FM , Thunder , Signal , Strangeways ETC...

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