miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Boulevard - Rainy Day In London 7'' single (AOR) Canada

Boulevards' 1st album was quite a poppy affair with a number of tracks that were pretty much and indication of what was to follow ie. "When The Lights Go Down" and "Never Give Up" with the latter released as a single and an accompanying Mtv video. Guests included Matt Frenette (Justifi) Marc Lefrance (Loverboy,Glass Tiger, Robin Brock) and Jerry Adolphie (Prototype).
"Into the Street" saw a bit of a line-up change and apparently for the better as this album is a full blown Aor classic with an expansive sound that really, I can only compare to the last days of Strangeways.
Tom Christiansen would reappear in 1993 with Faith and Desire, for one album.

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