jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Rosie - Precious Metal 1981 (Hard Rock)

ROSIE was born the brainchild of former Godz and current Bob Seger guitarist Mark Chatfield . The name Rosie, inspired, as Chatfield tells it," by the old tale of Rosie Palmer and her five sisters", may have seemed strange for a sharp edged, (all male) rock band at the time, but quickly etched itself into the minds and hearts of rock fans across this great land and over seas.
Over the years, ROSIE has taken many forms. This picture,taken from the back of their second album (Precious Metal),and consisting of, Bob Boos, Robert West, Carl Shelor, Ed Means and Mark Chatfield, is probably the line-up that most ROSIE fans envision when thinking of the band. Although, it didn't start that way.Thanks N.Master.

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