jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Monkeyhouse - St 1993 (Bluesy Hard Rock) Finland

Monkeyhouse is a Finnish band that was equally comfortable playing straight blues or melodic hard rock and excelled at various mixtures of those styles. This indie release from 1993 is the only document of their existence; very little information is available about this band other than the CD liner notes. They certainly were committed to the quality of their music and had a great deal of support in making this album. The track, "Closing The Opening", is a slower number that is amazingly sweet and should be of great interest to AOR/Melodic Rock fans. If you are a blues rock fan, you already know you need to hear it.Ty Fogkhat.

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  1. Hola Amigo!

    Is there any possibility to get this link re-posted, I'm very eager to have this album to my collection.

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland

  2. Hey "Anónimo" friend, what's up?? Here talk a friend so far from you.......I'm From Brazil....hehe... I got one link to download that cd.

    I don't know if KISSMAR permit anyone put out links here,if no, I'm really sorry....

    This is diferent of anything I've ever heard from Finland, in terms of Hard Rock and AOR. I Really love it, because Hard and Blues at the same time are so fucking good...hehehe...

    So let's go for what matter...

    It's here...


    Fortaleza city says Hello to Helsinki...