viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Sassy Jones - Caught In The Act 1984 (Melodic Rock / AOR9

Great US band that mixes Pomp and Aor to fine effect, and even chucks in a bit of pop rock. "Caught In The Act" is a full blown vinyl album, whilst "Lonely Nights" is a ep. For fans of bands like Synch and The Machine.

jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Pierrot - Carol 1992 + Demos 87/89 (Hard Rock) Germany

Pierrots first release was only released on cassette. We know theres cds about, but sadly, if you have one, its a bootleg.
Second release was good, but sang in their native German.Check Here.
Thank U Jeka24

Bob Halligan - Window In The Wall 1991 (AOR)

Accompany Rick Cua, Philip Ashley, Pat Mastelotto among others.

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

D Drive - Straight Up The Middle 2007 (Rock Classic) USA

Energetic Classic Rock sound with a Modern Edge.Plenty of energy! Melodic, Hard Rock.
Phil Naro Vocals/Acoustic Guitar (Peter Criss(Kiss)/Talas
Don Mancuso Guitars/Bass/Mando (Lou Gramm Band/Black Sheep)

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Angelize - Strangers Paradize EP 1988 (AOR) Sweden

Another vinyl single rarity from the land of all things melodic, Sweden. Guitarist Peter Gustavsson is current frontman, along with Eva Eggesjö-Abrahamsson (say that after 6 Vodkas!), of Broke[N]Blue.Magnus Hall plays with rock covers band,Six Pack.
b-side tune "Love Lies" is a nice mid-tempo West Coast number.

viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Greg Leon Invasion - Guitars,Cars & Women 1983 (Reissue) 2010

What you should know and probably dont!
* Greg Leon was actually the very first guitarist in Dokken prior to George Lynch
* Greg Leon was in a band called Suite 19 with future Motley Crue drummer - Tommy Lee
* Greg Leon gave guitar lessons with Randy Rhoads at Randy's mom's guitar school
* Greg Leon replaced Randy Rhoads in Quiet Riot when Randy left to join Ozzy Osbournes band
* Greg Leon actually wrote the riff that became Ozzy Osbournes legendary tune "Crazy Train". Randy borrowed it from Greg, Ozzy loved it, and then they wrote Crazy Train around it. The original Greg Leon version with this riff can be heard on the FnA Records release "Guitars, Cars, And A Woman"
Growing up, Greg Leon was inspired by the dawn of the 70’s Guitar-Heroes. He immersed himself in the 6-string prowess of Jimi Hendrix, Leslie West, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Rory Gallagher, Danny Johnson, Johnny Winter and Ritchie Blackmore. @

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Pryer - Kick 'N' Rush 1993 (Melodic Metal) Germany

..Like Fair Warning,Casanova,Victory,Pink Cream 69..

Blue - St 1991 (AOR) Switzerland

Classy euro Aor release fronted by Krokus frontman Mark Storace. Drive She Said... Le Suisse.Vic Vergeat was ex Toad and has released a number of solo albums as well as guesting on Gothards, "D-frosted".

Robert Louden - St. 1996/2007 (AOR!) Canada

For Canadian ROBERT LOUDEN, being the support act for ALICE COOPER and playing in front of more than 10,000 people, is still a highlight in his personal career. In 1996, he released his fi rst album presenting a mix of R&B, pop and rock, which was typical for that time. The fi rst issue of the album, limited to only 500 copies, was quickly sold out. Thus, the only way of acquiring one of the rare CDs was eBay where they sold for enormous prices. Now, we are proud to announce a digitally remastered reissue featuring two previously unreleased bonus tracks, “Midnight Sky” and “Temptation”.
Reissue whit Bonus

Monkeyhouse - St 1993 (Bluesy Hard Rock) Finland

Monkeyhouse is a Finnish band that was equally comfortable playing straight blues or melodic hard rock and excelled at various mixtures of those styles. This indie release from 1993 is the only document of their existence; very little information is available about this band other than the CD liner notes. They certainly were committed to the quality of their music and had a great deal of support in making this album. The track, "Closing The Opening", is a slower number that is amazingly sweet and should be of great interest to AOR/Melodic Rock fans. If you are a blues rock fan, you already know you need to hear it.Ty Fogkhat.

Flight 7 - Sky High 1988 (Westcoast) USA

FLIGHT 7 play excellent westcoast music. The songs are a mix of vocals and instrumentals with Warren Wiebe singing on some tracks. Westcoast fans will love this rarity. (delbert)

Rosie - Precious Metal 1981 (Hard Rock)

ROSIE was born the brainchild of former Godz and current Bob Seger guitarist Mark Chatfield . The name Rosie, inspired, as Chatfield tells it," by the old tale of Rosie Palmer and her five sisters", may have seemed strange for a sharp edged, (all male) rock band at the time, but quickly etched itself into the minds and hearts of rock fans across this great land and over seas.
Over the years, ROSIE has taken many forms. This picture,taken from the back of their second album (Precious Metal),and consisting of, Bob Boos, Robert West, Carl Shelor, Ed Means and Mark Chatfield, is probably the line-up that most ROSIE fans envision when thinking of the band. Although, it didn't start that way.Thanks N.Master.

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Tongue Lash - St 1995 (Hard Rock) USA


Revolver - First Shot 1981 (Hard Rock) Germany

There are several Rock bands called Revolver. This is the German Hard Rock band that was fronted by the African-American female singer Mary B. Thompson. Apart from the music, their debut album is also interesting for a few peripheral reasons. First of all, it was produced by the famous German Metal producer Dieter Dierks. Secondly, it has Don Dokken doing some backing vocals on it.
Revolver was a competent melodic Hard Rock band, but the most interesting thing about them was Thompson's strong voice. It lifts the songs above the average, even the filler material. But four tracks are way above average, two of them even being downright excellent.
'I See the Light' is a commercial sounding well written Hard Rock song. 'Not too Late' is a decent ballad with a harder chorus. It might be a bit too syrupy for some though. One of the two excellent tracks on the album is the second ballad, called 'Yesterday Dreams'. It's the kind of thing that will be enjoyed by fans of bands like Journey and Foreigner. And the best song of the album is 'Contact'. It's a mid tempo Hard Rock song with a very catchy chorus and with a slow ending that has a stretched out guitar solo on it. Thompson really excells on this one.'First Shot' could make a fine addition to your record collection, if you're into 80's Hard Rock. It certainly was a promising debut but unfortunately we'll never know how the band would have progressed, for it would also prove to be their only release.

sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

To All My Friends in Japan and all effected areas from the Tsunami and Earthquake...

My Prayers are with you in all the Earthquake and Tsunami effected countries . I have several good friends in Toyko and in Sendai area. No words to say how I feel , just my Prayers go out to you and your friends and families . May God Be With You All .