sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Mona Lisa - St. 1983 (Pomp Rock) USA

This is what is all about folks! You collectors of private label rock/pomp bands will bites lumps out of each other to acquire copies of bands releases like Mona Lisa. Why?! Because their classics? No,of course not. Mona Lisa play what some might consider cheesy melodic rock, in a rural, backyard kinda way, and will never ever be considered a classic, or come even close. But Jeeze O! it certainly does ooze a certain whimsical, olde worlde charm that I for one can't fail to find endearing. This album is a very rare 6 track vinyl ep, and nearly never turns up, and I have been waiting nearly 15 years just to hear a copy, and even then it had to be a friends (cheers Willy!).Theres nothing more to say really, except, check out the track, and buy a new pair of walking boots!

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