domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Cast Of Shadows - Face The Time 1993 (AOR!) USA

Recorded at Robert Berrys, Soundtek Studio and mastered at the famous Fantasy Studios, Cast Of Shadows were a fine Melodic Aor trio made up of Andrew DeFaria, Mike Fraser, and Scott Dinn (The Paul Godfrey Band). On first play you realise this band had something special with the occasional song reeling you on a sublime hook. And then you play it again and... bang! it all fits into place like a jigsaw for the aurally impaired. A fine mixture of mid 80's Aor/Pomp with some symphonic touches that reek of Asia, Enchant and Rush at their most melodic. Andrew De Faria would like to thank sound engineer, the late Mike Wible (Hush, Robert Berry Band).

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